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2007 Rossignol Radical RX Racing JR 167cm question...

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I have the 2008 WC adult model in 181cm and think they are wonderful skis.  Nothing but groomed, icy hardpack at my local hill and these do the trick.


Would like to get my 17 year old daughter a new pair of skis.  She is 5'6" and 150 lbs.  She is an intermediate and in my mind is being held back by her 150cm beginner skis.


As I mentioned in the title the skis I found are 167cm GS skis but are junior models.  The turning radius is 17m. 


When you look at an adult version of this skis the specs are exactly the same, but are nearly $300 more.  They do mention a jr "flex" on the kid skis i'm looking at which might not be the worst thing in the world. 


Any insight would be great!  Thanks. 

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Hi Cheese Head,


Greetings from Madison, WI (Tyrol Basin).


I would stay well away from a junior ski for someone who is 150 pounds.  My daughter weighs less than that and was on junior race skis until the end of last season.  She had become lukewarm in her attitude toward skiing and then she tried a pair of "adult" skis, and hasn't stopped smiling.  Junior skis will not hold an edge for an adult sized individual.  If you want to save money, find a deal on last year's models or a used pair of skis and if you can demo them first do so.


If you don't mind the drive, call up Cascade Mt. and find out when they have reps coming in and demo-ing skis.


For the hills you are skiing on I would suggest a fairly turn-y ski.  The Head Super Shapes are nice for Wisconsin, a little soft for hard core racers but great for recreational skiers.  We have the Rossi Radical Oversize 9Xti, Head Super Shape and Super Shape Magnum, Fischer Progressor 9+, and my son's race skis.  The Rossies are our backup skis, the others work much better for us as they are more responsive.  The Head skis are more forgiving than the Fischers and easy for an intermediate skier to step into and enjoy right from the start.


Do you have friends that are comfortable letting you test out their skis?  We tend to let family and friends demo our skis.  You must be very careful with DIN settings and forward pressure and if these terms are not familiar then I suggest you only demo from a qualified shop. ( I also know that the people we swap skis with won't hold us liable for any mishaps.)  If boot sole lengths are not identical between loaner and loanee, your position on the ski will vary slightly but generally not enough to change your perception of how the ski handles.


People tend to have very personal preferences regarding skis.  It works best to get the perception of someone your size who skis at your level and on similar terrain and demo the skis they suggest.


Our gang

135 to 170 pounds.

Aspiring NASTAR to USSA trained racers. (I take lessons from the rest of the family.)

Tune our own skis because we like to carve, not skid, most of our turns.

Happy to wear helmets. (A co-worker got a concussion three weeks ago and now wears a helmet under doctor's orders.  She was barely moving when she fell.)





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 Hey neighbor to the south, thanks for the advice on the jr skis!  I saw some new on ebay for $150 and wondered if they would work for my daughter.  I'm glad that I talked to you first.


As for the skis you listed as having for your family, I think we are on the same plane when it comes to skiing in Wisconsin.  I have considered all mountain skis, park skis etc. for my two children who skis (ages 14 and 17) and when it comes down to it, you cannot beat a race inspired slalom or giant slalom ski for our conditions.  When others are skidding and complaining about the "ice" those of us on race skis are loving it.  When the snow softens up and you have a good wax and tune, we are in heaven.


So with that being said I am going to try and find some slalom skis in 165 for my daughter to try out.  As for my 14 year old son who is 5'11" and 160 lbs, he already takes out my GS skis and has a great time.  Time to do some shopping and get him a set of slaloms to replace the 9S Power slaloms he has that are on their last leg.


Thanks again for your help and I will check out Cascade.  I am in SE Wisconsin quite often and wouldn't mind a demo day!

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My child's ski coach, who has seen his developing skiers become world class skiers, is keeping my kid (150 lb, 5'3") on the JR skis. Mostly it's for the flex because developing skiers need to learn how to bend a ski. Secondly, it's for the tighter radius side cut the jr ski has over the FIS. So although we own the 167 gs world cup, she is using the 167 jr, and is winning with 3 second margin on a 40 second run

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Oh yeah, and they are half the price!

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