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Head isupershape titan first impressions

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So after my first day on titan's I have to say I am really really impressed.


I'll try to keep this short and sweet since I only skied on them for one day and still have someways to go in order to fully learn and understand the ski. So far they have left a really great impression on me. The way these things carve is incredible. The edge grips almost instantaneously and provides a really great turning radius. The kick back from the tail is what really caught me off guard at first but the speed out of the turns is amazing. At first I had some concerns since i bought a shorter lenght then i usually do, but my fears have been squashed. It requires way less effort then my old Fischer Coolheats and even the last ski I demoed which is AC30. However I did notice bit of instability when i gunned it down a blue run, (in comparison to Fischer and AC30) however nothing I couldn't handle. I presume this has to do bit with my decision to go with a shorter lenght in order to provide better carve.  I'll try to give further impressions after few more days on the slopes...



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Hi Darko,


Good luck with the new skis, very interested in your impressions going forward!


Can you please post your specs (height, weight, experience, prev ski history etc) and length of ski you bought too in your next post?

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I am 6'3, 215 pounds, and type 3 skier... I opted to go for 170cm since I really wanted to get a great slalom ski. After the purchase I was afraid I went too short however as I said before, that fear has been squashed right now. 


I been skiing for over 15 years, however I really jumped from type 2 to type 3 in last 3 years as I took it allot more seriously then before. Before it was more of a "when I have a day off and nothing planned I'll go with friends" Last three season I've been hitting slopes at least once a week during the season. 


By far the best ski I have ever tried. Saying that, let me say this. I prefer technical skiing, not really into speed. For speed I would still say amazing ski but get a size longer. Even though I was pleasantly surprised how well it performed at speed considering the lenght i got. I didn't expect it. 


In comparison to Volk AC30, Fischer Coolheats, Salomon crossmax 10, Salomon Fury, AC50 just to new a few of top of my head, that I skied on recently, titans blow them out of the water. However they aren't all in same category either. Depending on conditions and terrain. Overall for ME and my needs, titan takes the top spot. The grip, the edge, and kickback from KERS, just insane. They are in the same family and look the same, except color as Head world cup race skis :) However titan suppose to perform well off-piste too. I haven't really had a chance to go into anything deep but on steep cruddy slope it just ripped right through with effortless ease. 

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