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Lange World Cup 130 LF (N8 RL1, Zi/Zc) information request

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I stumbled upon 2 pairs of new old stock ski boots recently in my size! One of which is a pair of Pinifarina Lange (2002-2005). Bought on aesthetics value (and great price), and a slight hope  that I might have "Lange feet". The boots are silver and blue bi-injected polyether, silver only on the spine. There is a cant adjuster on each boot. No sole slugs. The decals on the boots say "Lange World Cup 130" but at the bottom of each boot, written in black marker, "N8 RL1, Zi/Zc". Accoding to this thread http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/90132/lange-codes-can-anybody-provide-an-explanation, RL1 would indicate that it is a pair of plug boots, no? And I thought Lange World Cup 130 is a retail model? The only plug being the WC150? Is it common to have these hand scribblings on boots? What is the N8? The Zi/Zc reveals that these boots are clearly too stiff for me, as I am not even able to stretch them wide enough to enter the boots! It is a pity as they shell-fitted me fine (with about 10mm to 15mm of gap). If the Z codes indicate the stiffness, what is the difference between the Lange WC models, namely the 150, 130, 120 and 110?
Thank you in advance for any info regarding these boots. I will most likely have to sell these unless I can work with a bootfitter, soon!
The other pair is a 98mm lasted Nordica World Cup 100, snug fitting but not painful. Wearing them while I type this. Can't wait to ski on them.

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I changed the content of my initial post from a week ago... thanks in advance.

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what you are looking at is the " original" plug boot.  RL1= racelast 1,  it looks like GT803 or GT804 cuff. 


the cosmetics are just that, intended to try and make it look like a consumer boot. These predate shops haveing free access to plug boots.  its about a 2001 era production.


ZI / ZC:  lower is about 180 flex and upper 140-150 flex.  N8 is US size 8 also moulded on the sole.  actual last width about 92-3mm  a real gem if you can ski em. 

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Thanks Sandy,


Very interesting info. You guessed it, the cuff has "GT804" inscribed. Sounds like a museum piece!


Unfortunately I am still not able to spread the 180 flaps far enough to get into the boots, let alone skiing them. Even if I could, at my age, my legs tremor at the thought of 150+ flex.





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