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What a Rush!

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I'm not a fan of the big windbag, but the new season of the Haney project kicked off last night with Rush. He was somewhat entertaining, but OMG is Hank's wife a hottie! Strange, Hank is breaking the cardinal rule about teaching the SO. Hey Mike, does this not apply to golf or just not to superstar coaches?


Hank used an interesting teaching style with Rush. First he says no coaching today, just analysis, then he slips into coach mode anyway. At the end Rush comments about the low key mode and how this was the first time he enjoyed instruction. There's a lesson in there for coaches. At the beginning, when they are trying to decide whether to start on the range or the course is very interesting because Hank picks up that Rush never goes to the range and offers to let Rush decide, but takes over when Rush says "I want to do what's right".

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I didn't see the show having fallen alseep in anticipation of my balmy 7:20 tee time this morning (just a wonderful 45 degrees with 10+ mph winds). So I'll check out the replays and let you know. I wouldn't have too much difficulty with teaching an SO IF there were an agreed way to stay within certain emotional boundaries. If I knew that was going to be a problem I sure would seek someone else to handle the instruction.


I am supposed to play Friday morning at 7 but the temps and windchill here in South Florida are supposed to be low 30's for temps and mid 20's for windchill. I bet it will be more like 9 AM but we are still first on the runway so we'll play quickly.

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The series has ended and El Rushbo made big improvements. Finally, after the third go around, Hank has a success story with a stubborn mule. Rush's swing still looks scary, but the results are impressive (if you can call an 83 impressive). What impressed me the most about the teaching was how Hank found Rush's soft spots and motivated him with a mix of positive feedback, negative feedback and incentives.  It was weird seeing the transformation of Rush from never wanting to go to the range to actually liking it. I think one thing that did not come across well throughout the series was how much Hank cares. Rush made a big emphasis of this a couple of times toward the end, but the camera never seemed to catch Hank showing a lot of emotion.


Two things about this iteration of THHP that are a big improvement over the Sir Charles and Ray Ramano sessions are:

More cuties!

All the cool locations they went to.


Regardless of your political leanings, you have to give Rush props for being smart. He got paid to go golfing at some really fine courses and get his game improved and then he won a golf membership and bunch a free stuff on top of all that.

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One thing that struck me was how Haney kept saying at the end that Rush was his best student ever. Not to take anything away from Rush as he did improve a bunch, but just thinking who does Haney usually teach that Rush was so much better than? Probably a bunch of celebs and multi-zillionairs that don't take the game seriously but have the coin and want to be able to say they took lessons from Tiger's old coach. Hank, lower the rate to $50/hr and I bet you get some really serious students.

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Well, El Rushbo certainly was a better student than Sir Charles or Ray Ramano. From the looks of episode 1, I'd say that Rush started out in the celeb/not take the game seriously category (e.g.  hating the range). BTW - in my neck of the woods, the hack instructors get $50/hr. For $50 you can get Hank's DVDs (which I have but have not yet watched)

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