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buying tuning equipment online or otherwise

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I'm looking to buy a new waxing iron and a sidewall ripper (aka skyver), but I can't find any good sites online to buy from. Reliableracing.com has the skyver, is out of stock on the iron, and charges obscene shipping rates. grr. so, if you know of somewhere else online I can obtain ski tuning supplies, i'd be very grateful. alternatively, if you know any shop that might carry tuning stuff near mad river glen or in southern connecticut (or even anywhere somewhere on the drive up I-91 to get from southern connecticut to mad river glen), I'd be very appreciative. I've burnt lots of wax and had slow skis from a frustrating iron, and I've scraped my sidewalls with a file so much that the vertical sidewalls have gouges in them from me missing with the edge of the file, so if I could find an iron and especially a skyver before this weekend, i'd be very grateful.
thanks for your help
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www.artechski.com. They are in New Hampshire.
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A couple of other suppliers-

Sun Valley Ski Tools (www.svst.com)
Rennstall in SLC (www.jans.com/skiprep.html) (where most US WC tuners get their stuff from)

I'm not sure if "The Tool Company", or "Technology and Tools" in Vermont is still doing business. Both used to have 800 numbers, located in Bondville, Vt.

Good luck!

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man, I love you guys [img]smile.gif[/img] ... artech had what I needed, all at good prices. the unfortunate part is that artech also had a great catalog and my wallet took a bigger hit than expected, but, hey, at least the gear will be in good shape [img]smile.gif[/img] thanks again for the help
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I bought my Montana Ski tuning machine on line. It was on ebay, I paid as much for shipping as I did for the machine!
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Oh no, now that I have seen the Artech catalog I want more stuff and I see that some of the things I bought from Tognar were overpriced...

At $85, the Toko vise (which is the same as the Swix, both made by Ski Man) is a steal. Everybody else's lowest price is $99. If I had seen that I would likely have gotten that one instead of talking myself into getting the pro model for "only" another $25 (that would have been $40 or 50% more, the pro is $125; and it's heavier so not a great travel candidate; but it grips very very well).

Their prices on Swix wax are also much better. Argh! (Says he looking at his many boxes of bulk wax, paid from $5 to $10 too much...)

Also $90 for a Wax Cat is a good price (Tognar has it on sale for $94 but regular prices are more like $115). Someone selling both that iron and the Swix voted for the Swix though.

I also shopped at www.reliableracing.com and after the iron they sent me died in the first 1/2 h of use I used www.plaines.com which has the middle of the line Swix iron for $85 and free shipping.

Thanks for the Artech link, I'll use it. Their catalog is not as fancy as others (Tognar's and Reliable Racing's are great and easy to search) but their prices are good.


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www.tonger.com is good, but if you can also get a copy of the catalogue actually sent to you, you will find a lot of useful information inside.
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