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ZipFit Liner Reviews


Wow is all I can think to say!


Pros: Heel Hold, Heel Hold and Heel Hold! Comfortable, Warm

I've only skied a few days on them, but here's my impression so far.  The heel hold is impressive. I have really hard feet to fit and have always had problems with heel lift more so in my left foot. I was fitted for them last summer and they felt great in the store, but you never know how that translates onto the hill.  I did heat up my shells at home and went through the heat fitting process though I'm not sure that was really necessary.     I was concerned about getting them on and off as others seemed to mention that as a problem and they were a tiny bit challenging at home, but I seemed to have figured out how to get into and out of them as easily as any other...
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great Zipfits


Pros: these are easy to fit, provide a precise custom fit, can easily but fine tweeked

Cons: needs a tongue loop to pull up on tongue

I have the leather Zipfit liners in an old pair of Technica TC3 shells.  I have 4 seasons on the liners so about 80-90 days adn they no sign of wear.    the fit process is easy and can be done at home.  In fact it is so easy to get a good close really unbelievable fit that there is no need for the shop to do it.   I had a middle-of-the-forefoot pain for many years which generally indicates a narrow fit that could not be relieved by many boot fitters over the years.  Custom foot beds, punching out the shell and factory liner did not work.   The Zips worked for the mid foot pain and solved all of the other ankle hold, cuff fit problems I had...
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The answer


Pros: It lives up to all the hype.

Cons: None

     I have a pronated right foot, and a left that is much more so. I would come back to my boot fitter again and again. I bought the custom inserts. Nothing ever worked.      One fitting with my ZipFits and I was done. No more pain or foot movement. I just wish I had learned about ZipFits years ago. 

Zip Fit is the best


Pros: Perfect fit, better control, warm.

Cons: None

I have skied over 2500 days over the past 41 years and these liners are the best piece of ski equipment I have ever owned. I raced as a kid and all the way through college and have always had race boots that were never very comfortable.  I have the World Cup Zip Fit liners in a pair of Lange RS130's and the combination is the best boot I've ever owned.  I'm amazed that I can have a race room fit that is comfortable and warm - amazing!  

These changed my life!


Pros: Super comfortable, easy to get in and out of boots, last a long time

Cons: Your toes can get cold.

My buddy kept pressuring me to get some and told me how big of a difference they will make. I finally bought some this season, rendering my new boots useless. I had to go down a shell size and get a much narrower boot. I have very wide feet but with these I can get into a narrower boot. The ZipFit liners also how your ankle down better than any other liner. I wore extremely thin socks and the liner sucks onto your foot making it immobile. These are really fantastic liners, I recommended them to everybody.

Turbo Chargers


Pros: Fit, Fit, Fit

Cons: Nada

If you truly want a custom fit Zipfits are the only way to go. Having foam liners allow every nook and cranny to be filled with no cutting and taping like you would with a stock liner. Stock liners (higher end only) can give you maybe 80 days of solid service and then you find yourself buckling tighter which then crushes your foot. With worn out liners what to do with a perfectly good shell? That's where Zipfits come in as the amount of days that you can ski before they breakdown is in the range of 300. One caveat, buy and have them fitted by an experienced boot fitter.

Zip Fit World Cup Liners with Nordica Doberman 130 98 Last


Pros: Ease of fit, Warmth, Liner Design, You can add addition compound

I purchased a pair of Nordica Dobermann Pro 130/98 last ski boots last March.  I had been skiing 95 lasted "plug" boots for several years: Lange R1s, Fischer RC4 150s, etc.  I still sized the boots with a race fit but up one size from my previous boots (back to a 27.0 from a 26.0).   I use custom Insta-Print Footbeds which the Start House in Truckee, California built for me.  I had to do some initial padding to tighten up the Achilles area of the boot.  I have approximately 50 days on the boot so far and love it.  However, I have not been able to push against the shell above my arch.  This issue got me thinking about a fix.   I...
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Zipfit Gara


Pros: Fast fit perfect hold, quick breakin

Cons: Expensive

  Writing this to share beta with anyone else looking for info on zipfits.   Now that I am getting back into skiing more a than few weekends a season I need to upgrade my equipment. That meant first and foremost new boots. Gone are the days when I was willing and able to ignore discomfort for performance. My old boots, the "iron maidens" as I called them had to be retired. So I got some new lange supercomps, 97mm, on close out sized down 2 , shell fit them up, looks great and now a new problem. Break in. I am not an instructor any more. I don't have the time for break in. So I decided to try zipfit. I got a grand prix. I knew it wouldn't work, it was...
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zipfit liners

This liner saved my life and my marriage. I could not believe the comfort,performance, and warmth of these liners. The quality is superior and you have to wonder HOW I ever skied in those crappy factory liners. And my wife?? she is in Heaven too. GET SOME!!
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