ZipFit Liner


Pros: Heel Hold, Heel Hold and Heel Hold! Comfortable, Warm

I've only skied a few days on them, but here's my impression so far.  The heel hold is impressive. I have really hard feet to fit and have always had problems with heel lift more so in my left foot. I was fitted for them last summer and they felt great in the store, but you never know how that translates onto the hill.  I did heat up my shells at home and went through the heat fitting process though I'm not sure that was really necessary.  


I was concerned about getting them on and off as others seemed to mention that as a problem and they were a tiny bit challenging at home, but I seemed to have figured out how to get into and out of them as easily as any other boot I've worn.  In full disclosure however I do have a heated bag.  I also used boot spray a couple times, but I don't believe that is even necessary.  I put the line on independent of the boot and then just slide my whole foot into the boot.  Once I figured out how to slide my foot in the boot they became easy to put on and take off.  The rear of the liner tends to get caught on the rear of the shell. All you have to do is guide that part into the boot and boom you slide right in. It takes absolutely no more time to get in and out than any other boot I've even worn.


Now the important part and bear in mind this is only after 4 days of skiing.  First thing I notice when I get them on and the boot buckled is that I do not have to tighten my buckles as much as I used to.  The two front buckles are on the first setting just barely on.  The heel hold is fantastic on both of my feet.  I used to over tighten my buckles, which stiffened the boot and cut circulation to my feet resulting in cold uncomfortable feet.  My feet were now warm all day long and I never even had to unbuckle them during lunch.  Now mind you it's not like I was wearing a furry fuzzy slipper, but while having a few beers at the lodge after skiing, my friends noticed that I was still wearing my boots.  Not that I did it consciously but I just never felt like I had to rip them off, which is something I always used to do. 


Did they help my skiing? I felt like they absolutely did.  Maybe because I consider myself an advanced intermediate and still have much much progress to make, but I feel like the heel hold and not having to over tighten my boots made a world of difference. I definitely had more control over my skis. I can't say I can carve properly just yet (most people can't) but I can say they are helping me get my ski on edge more consistently. I naturally have little ankle flexion, but having more control of my boot translates directly into more control over my ski and when I roll my knee I can feel the edges engage more than they used to. 


I also noticed that the more I wear them, the better they get in both comfort and fit. The filler is definitely forming to my foot the more I wear them. I'll report back as I ski them more, but so far I love these liners and everything that has been said of them has been holding true. 


I have been experimenting with the laces. The first time I wore them on the hill, I pulled the laces really tight.  The second day I pulled them snug but not too tight. I think I prefer them snug but not too tight. I'm curious how everyone else tightens the laces. If you wear them, I'd appreciate some feedback.


Pros: these are easy to fit, provide a precise custom fit, can easily but fine tweeked

Cons: needs a tongue loop to pull up on tongue

I have the leather Zipfit liners in an old pair of Technica TC3 shells.  I have 4 seasons on the liners so about 80-90 days adn they no sign of wear. 


the fit process is easy and can be done at home.  In fact it is so easy to get a good close really unbelievable fit that there is no need for the shop to do it.


I had a middle-of-the-forefoot pain for many years which generally indicates a narrow fit that could not be relieved by many boot fitters over the years.  Custom foot beds, punching out the shell and factory liner did not work.


The Zips worked for the mid foot pain and solved all of the other ankle hold, cuff fit problems I had before and a few other problems I didnt know I had in the factory shells.


I notice from various posts that some boot fitters and individuals are trying to fit these by only heating the liner directly without heating the shell.  If this is the method, then I would say that 50% of the benefit of these fantastic liners is lost.


Heat the SHELL not the liner by steaming them in a pot of water.  Wrap shell in towel to keep them off bottom and sides of pot and use the heat from the plastic shell to heat the liner. put them on , buckle them up, place toe on top of a 2x4 and flex forward back and forth,walk around, assimilate skiing until reasonably cool.  Do this one boot at a time so you can concentrate on one at a tme and you dont break your neck.


After the first fit, I still had my mid foot pain.  So I put on a heavy hiking sock and buckled up to fit the usual way.  When I then put on my usual very thin socks that I ski in, the problem was solved and the fit was snug everywhere even in the forefoot and ankle.


I have rerfit these at the beginning of each season and maybe 1-2 times during the season.


You want these to be warm when you put them on in the norning.  The heat bag woudl be nice but I like my current ski bag so much that I just use a small electric blanket normally used as a lap blanket that plugs into the car that i just put inside my bad under my boots on top of my shells for maybe 45 min and they are perfect.


I dont want to heat them too much in morning because I like the fit I have...There is no need to ever heat the liner directly.


And the directions involve putting your foot in the liner before sliding in to shell.  I dont do this as I put my boots on the usual way but carefully so as not to disturb the heal fit.  PUll the liner only partially out of the shell adn pull up on the rear loop as you slide the room temperature liner onto your foot and slide into the shell.....


They really only have to be room temp adn not warm per se in the morning or when ever first putting them on.


To take them off...the liner is already warm....unbuckle, loosen liner lace all the way, leverage toe against ground adn push off using heal of hand on top of shell...


It is so easy and you can refit as many times as you want...ill bet 100 times....these are amazing.


And I love these shells so they will last forever, maybe.  If I get a new pair of boots, the zips go in.




Pros: Easy to fit, heel hold excellent, good performance

Cons: Cold toes

Great fitting liner and good performance. Lace up tongue give solid all around fit and with the power strap keep shin in contact with the tongue. The spot kit would help with tweaking those spots where you need a bit more fill for leg shaft, and around heel cup and low instep. Depending on your shell can be hard to get in and out. Using a silicone spray on the shell will help sliding the  liner in and a boot heater bag will help warm them up to get both in and out as well. If you use a plug liner like I do the lower can be very stiff and not user friendly with any lace up liner.

I have some cold weather issues when it's below -10C. When i come from a warm room to the cold I get moisture on the inside of the shell and the neoprene toe box gets wet and then cold.  I used  a plastic bag as a barrier and this stopped the issue. I also have boot heaters  but once the neoprene gets wet  it transfers cold so plastic bag was still needed on the cold days.


Pros: Super Snug and Comfortable

Cons: Hard to Remove Boot

My Lange RS120 came with what are probably really great Intuition liners. They were definitely warm but packed out on every run and I had to tighten them again. That takes extra time I could be skiing and sooner or later you are down as tight as its going to get. What ended up happening was some slight nerve damage on my left foot from tightening too much. Now I always feel like I'm stepping on a pebble. Also the Intuitions always fit wrong on my ankles and really hurt. I reheated them several times and the problem kept coming back.

I found a pair of ZipFits on sale in ENGLAND! They have cheaper prices overseas than in the US for some reason. So I had them shipped here. Man the improvement was so amazing. It was/is like my foot and the boot are one solid unit. My feet keep warm. I have Reynauds disease so my toes and fingers just get cold even if its 70 degrees. I use toe warmers but you might not need to. The rest of my foot is toasty because of the ZipFits. My ankles are easily dealt with now. I can simply move some of the cork into the right position and my ankles are fine. I have so much more control over my skis and my feet get tired a lot later in the day as each movement is more efficient because my foot is so well locked into the ski.

Taking off the boots sucks. The ZipFit has to come out of the shell then I can remove my foot from the liner. Some people might not have the same issue but I can not otherwise remove my foot from the shell. So its always an ordeal. Then I have to pack everything back in the shell. I remove my feet only when I need to warm up anymore.

Love my ZipFits. 

Really, they are awesome.


Pros: It lives up to all the hype.

Cons: None

     I have a pronated right foot, and a left that is much more so. I would come back to my boot fitter again and again. I bought the custom inserts. Nothing ever worked.

     One fitting with my ZipFits and I was done. No more pain or foot movement. I just wish I had learned about ZipFits years ago. 


Pros: Perfect fit, better control, warm.

Cons: None

I have skied over 2500 days over the past 41 years and these liners are the best piece of ski equipment I have ever owned. I raced as a kid and all the way through college and have always had race boots that were never very comfortable.  I have the World Cup Zip Fit liners in a pair of Lange RS130's and the combination is the best boot I've ever owned.  I'm amazed that I can have a race room fit that is comfortable and warm - amazing!  


Pros: Super comfortable, easy to get in and out of boots, last a long time

Cons: Your toes can get cold.

My buddy kept pressuring me to get some and told me how big of a difference they will make. I finally bought some this season, rendering my new boots useless. I had to go down a shell size and get a much narrower boot. I have very wide feet but with these I can get into a narrower boot. The ZipFit liners also how your ankle down better than any other liner. I wore extremely thin socks and the liner sucks onto your foot making it immobile. These are really fantastic liners, I recommended them to everybody.


Pros: Fit, Fit, Fit

Cons: Nada

If you truly want a custom fit Zipfits are the only way to go. Having foam liners allow every nook and cranny to be filled with no cutting and taping like you would with a stock liner. Stock liners (higher end only) can give you maybe 80 days of solid service and then you find yourself buckling tighter which then crushes your foot. With worn out liners what to do with a perfectly good shell? That's where Zipfits come in as the amount of days that you can ski before they breakdown is in the range of 300. One caveat, buy and have them fitted by an experienced boot fitter.


Pros: Ease of fit, Warmth, Liner Design, You can add addition compound

I purchased a pair of Nordica Dobermann Pro 130/98 last ski boots last March.  I had been skiing 95 lasted "plug" boots for several years: Lange R1s, Fischer RC4 150s, etc.  I still sized the boots with a race fit but up one size from my previous boots (back to a 27.0 from a 26.0).


I use custom Insta-Print Footbeds which the Start House in Truckee, California built for me.  I had to do some initial padding to tighten up the Achilles area of the boot.  I have approximately 50 days on the boot so far and love it.  However, I have not been able to push against the shell above my arch.  This issue got me thinking about a fix.


I tried adding more padding which only pushed me forward in the shell.  I skied a pair of Intuition Plug Liners with POOR results.  The Intuition Plug Wrap Liners were like giant marshmellows on my feet.  I would overflex over the top of the cuff even with Booster straps.  Two runs was it for me on the Intuition Liners.  Ran back to the car and put the stock liners back in.


I scheduled an appointment with Jim Shaffner at the Start Haus in Truckee for a Zip Fit World Cup Liner fitting today.  I discussed my issues with Jim and we narrowed my options down to Nordica Foam Liners or the Zip Fits.


I have read all the articles on the Zip Fit Web Site ( which indicated the fit process would be tedious and possibly painful.


I did not find that to be the case.  Jim heated the liners, dropped in my orthotics, and I buckled up.  Sure the fitting compound was a bit firm at first and not in the right place.  But, after flexing and moving around for 20 minutes I was encouraged.  I have a very narrow Achilles area as well as a narrow lower let.  We did add a tongue shim to take up some volume.


One of the beauties of these liners is the ability to add material at a later date.  I am ready to roll.  I will report back after a couple of days of skiing.  I encourage people to take a serious look at this liner solution.



ZipFit Liner
Description: The custom liner for ski boots that molds perpetually to your feet. Four revised models cover the spectrum of feet and shell models, and your sizing relationship to your shell. The essential differences are in the amount of OMFit© molding paste pre-packed within each model. For each of these 4 custom Zipfit inner boots for skiing there is nothing to be mixed or injected into a bladder. Nothing to heat up and manipulate between your feet and the shells. You can simply drop in and go. You must ski for the fitting system to work. Only your particular skiing dynamic evolves your customized molding as you ski. The proprietary OMFit gives you a living compound that is always working dynamically to reassure your most demanding supportive and comfort expectations. Unlike all synthetic foam padding the OMFit never lets you down. For more see fitting instructions.

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