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Zeal Optics Ion HD Camera Goggle


Pros: Nice lens, Easy to see in flat light, Strong band, Soft Fabric.

Cons: Expensive, Video Quality, Lack of peripheral vision, Made for a big face.

First Thoughts:

When I first saw these goggles, I thought, wow, what a genius invention. The sleek look and the minimalist-esque view of the camera from the outside looks phenomenal. When I wore it, bystanders did not even notice they had a camera in them.



Goggle Features
>> Anti-Fog Infused Lens Process
>> Impact Resistant Frame Technology
>> High Density Lens Technology
>> 100% UV Protection
>> Helmet Compatible
>> Dual Strap Adjustments
>> Optimum™ Lens

Camera Features 
>> Captures 1080p & 720p HD quality video 
>> Shoots 12 megapixel HD photos 
>> 170-degree wide angle camera lens 
>> Camera automatically adjusts for light levels and has infinity focus 
>> Utilizes an in-goggle viewfinder 
>> Controlled by glove-ready buttons on the side of the frame 
>> Rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a three-hour run time, depending on usage
>> Easily integrates with all social media outlets to share your memories



Testing Results:

I was a little skeptical about the goggles themselves being what they were advertised to do, "HD Video". I thought that they might have cut corners to make the video the main aspect, and leave the goggle-aspect in the dust. To say I was surprised is an understatement. The goggles themselves were phenomenal in the pre-storm cloudy weather and performed fine.

The comfort and vision aspect, however, lacked. I was disappointed at the fact that they did not fit my face what so ever. They were quite large and left me with a nice gaper gap while using the Smith Vantage 2015 helmet.(See Pics Below)


       As you can see, they were way too big for my face and helmet (Medium Size Helmet)


Although hey look nice, and have a sleek design, the main functionality aspect that is wearing goggles felt way too bulky, and as @Philpug and I agreed, Slid down your face on every bump.

However, The video was shot in a decent 720p, much nicer than I originally expected, given the compact and minimal design structure on the actual goggles themselves. There is also a viewfinder in the bottom right hand corner inside of the goggles that you can actually see what footage is being taken, and rewind it to watch on the chairlift up. Downsides to this is that it blocks some key vision in that side of the goggle. (Attached Video Edit, All Video Shot is with the Goggle Camera. All footage was taken at Alpine Meadows on 2/22/2015.)




Overall, I'm Happy with the video quality that this product produced, but it is not something I would spend $400 for.



>I want it! Where Do I Buy??

>How is the gaper gap an issue?:

Personal Preference.


>Hows the battery life?:

About your average video camera life, pretty good for goggles.


>Are the buttons hard to press?:

A Little bit, but you get used to them.


>What do you mean by big face? Are you calling me fat?!

Of course not. By big face I mean that when you by these goggles, your face must have the adequate surface area that that these goggles require, otherwise they will slide down your face and sit over your nose. They are quite large.



tl;dr:(too long, didn't read)

Good video quality, bad goggle quality. Not Worth the $400.

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Zeal Optics Ion HD Camera Goggle

The HD Camera Goggle by ZEAL is born out of the need to continually evolve and lead the industry through technology that does more than just exist, it redefines how you see the mountain.

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