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Zardoz NotWax Pocket Puck Pure Fluoro Base Lube

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Wax & Waxing Tools


Pros: fast easy to apply awesome glide mixes with wax

Cons: need to buff with tissue when really cold below 10f

I have and the race team has been using this product over 10 years. Great for a quick wipe on, especially if glide is sticking. can be mixed with regular hot wax to add durability.  Zardoz now has a fluoro wax out that the team tested over 2 years. I have lots of test data on my own site. Temps used 10f to 60f, 20 to 80% humidity.Not just east coast use but out in the west CO and UT. Just like a bad hair day can be fixed with a hat,  A bad wax day can be fixed with NOTwax.   Source Zardoz Fluoro+ test report, Fowler 2008.


This seemed more like a cover up product when I first tried it, but after trying it, I went out and bought some. It's like a pick me up for your ski's. Doesn't matter if you have old or new wax, this stuff just works. Doesn't take much either, you don't have to saturate the pad of the applicator just to get it to work, a few drops (2 or 3) and this puck will do 1 or 2 sets of ski's. The more broke in your puck gets (saturated) the less drops you have to use as well.


It's like a quick tune up for your ski's after lunch when your feeling frisky. Just makes them so dang slippery! 


This isn't a must buy product, but if you ski a lot and it's not in your pocket, go buy some!


Pros: It works

Cons: People don't believe it

Everything is inside the puck. It's a clear teflon like fluid. You drip a couple drops onto a felt pad, then rub the pad over your skis or snowboard. It lasts about a day. It makes the most difference on wet, sticky snow. It also helps to extend the life of a regular wax job. If your local shop does not have it, you can get in online.


Pros: Easy to apply, lasts and it works.

Cons: Would like to buy in bulk and can't find liquid teflon.

 It worked very well in warm, wet spring conditions in the Northeast . I just wiped it on. I didn't even use a heated iron to put a wax overlay on it and draw it out to the surface.


Pros: slippery when wett

Cons: non

 I am using notwax for a couple of years now and i use the felix process to get it on
-New Ski
-Clean base
-Saturate base with notwax
-Iron in low temp hotwax until you see notwax pooles forming.
-Cool a couple of hours.
-Scrape, brush,, fibertex wipe, felt pad polish
-Repeat previous 3 steps, for new skis at least 3 times, to get ridd of all p-tex fibers
-topcoat notwax

Every night before skiing, wipe dirt of with microfiber cloth and apply a new topcoat.

Usually my skis look fine even after a week of skiing!
Prevents rusty edges and oxidized bases
Hot temperatures make this finish realy smile and you when you pass those who are glued to the snow.
In contrast with what zardoz says a base should be textured moderately, it just skies a bit better.

This season i am going to try the Zardoz notwax combined with this stuff.
Zardoz NotWax Pocket Puck Pure Fluoro Base Lube

Zardoz NOTwax is a Teflon-like liquid fluoropolymer that you wipe onto your ski or snowboard base. It helps protect your base from wear, and by itself is as fast or faster than wax in ALL snow conditions. This is especially true in warm conditions when it really excels! All new this season - Zardoz NOTWax with Rustblock (tm). Tired of rusty and pitted edges? NOTWax Rustblock will STOP edge rust!! NOTwax with Rustblock has all the base lubrication benefits of the original NOTwax but with the added benefit of protecting your edges from rust. At the end of the day, grab your NOTwax with Rustblock and tax a few seconds to wipe down the base and edges. This shields your edges, preventing rust, and will re-nourish your base to ensure excellent glide the next time you hit the slopes. NOTwax helps prevent base wear caused by abrasive snow conditions. It can be used instead of wax or on top of wax. Used as a topcoat, NOTwax will extend the life of wax, broaden its temperature range, and enhance low speed glide. Pocket Puck: The Pocket Puck is about the size of a hockey puck and contains enough Speed Lube for 30 - 40 days of skiboarding.

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EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Ski Tuning & Repair › Wax & Waxing Tools › Zardoz NotWax Pocket Puck Pure Fluoro Base Lube