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Zardoz high fluoro Hot Wax


Pros: Easy to scrape, works well with machine made snow

Cons: none

Zardoz developed the Hot Wax based on the original inventors work called Speedy Blue. Speedy blue worked but had issues with smoke and a tight heat range.


Many of us used NOTwax, and wanted a hard wax to combine with.


Most people never hot wax, But should. 


1- Easy to apply

2- Easy to scrape off

3- Performs in a broad temperature and humidity range    

4- Performs in a broad range of snow quality types

5- Dirt, gunk repellent 

6- Enhanced glide

7- Economical

Most wax works, most have no wax on base at all.  

If you want to get into the real science check out the patent database.


Pros: Harder finish than expected, very low iron temperature, very easy to crayon

Cons: Very soft product, collects dirt. Not noticeably slipperier than discount market leader.

For those who have gotten used to using Zardoz Notwax wipes, and have bemoaned the low durability of the wipe-on treatment, Zardoz have come up with an answer.   I received a few packs of the stuff and I was really excited to give them a try. 


First, the color is counter-intuitive for experienced solid wax users.   Blue is warm-range  universal wax and white is cold-range.  This takes a bit of getting used to. 


To the touch, the Zardoz blue is extremely soft out of the box, barely as hard as a soap bar.   It is softer than Swix base prep, softer than Toko or Hertel Hot Sauce.    The drawback here is that the wax collects every piece of dirt or grit or lint it is exposed to;  keeping it in its original packaging is best.


Crayoning of the wax is almost ridiculously easy, it goes on in a thick, almost greasy lipstick-like strokes.    There is no need to hot-touch crayon, let alone drip the wax on.


Oddly, and against my expectations, when drip-melted the wax did not wet out the base as well as some of the other soft wax and base-prep formulas.   Then I looked at the iron.   Less than 100C.  At these temperatures there was literally no way even a bad tuner would burn a ski base. 


For comparison, I waxed one ski (left) with Zardoz, the right ski with Hertel Hot Sauce.  


It went on smoothly enough; there was noticeable fizziness to the wax after the iron passed over it.   That was a bit weird. 


Scraping was surprising.  In spite of how soft the Zardoz was at application, it very definitely scraped off stiffer (harder) than the Hertel.    This was noticeable during brushing as well.   Each ski was scraped with a nylon brush  then polished with Fibertex. 


Skiing - Day 1  30F dropping to 20F, 3 inches of new natural snow with occasional patches of sticky high-moisture manmade snow.


No difference between left and right skis.   As hard as I tried, I could not tell that one was better than the other. 


I repeated the waxing and brushing process for

Skiing - Day 2  25F, 4 inches of older snow and packed powder, no noticeable manmade inclusions. 


Again no difference between skis. From initial snow feel (just as skis are put on)  to the end of the day (20,000 vertical), I could not tell the difference between the Hertel ski and the Zardoz ski.  


I have to say I was a bit disappointed, I was hoping for a noticeable improvement over existing technology, especially in difficult conditions like patchy sticky peanut-butter like manmade snow.   As it is, the best advantage of Zardoz blue seems to be in its ease of application and low iron temperatures during application. 




Pros: Works well with notwax

Cons: why blue?

I am now using this to have the best combo with notwax. and because it is a high temp wax i use it as a base wax. Top it with low temp zardoz low fluoro and top that with notwax.
Works well, no idea about durability yet.

Zardoz high fluoro Hot Wax

ZARDOZ® Fluoro+Universal Hot Wax – High Fluoro Blue Zardoz Fluoro Plus is a scientific breakthrough combining a high percentage of Zardoz NOTwax® Teflon® fluoropolymer, ceramically reinforced powdered fluoro additives and a performance iron-on wax. The hard, blue wax is ideal for higher speeds and cold snow. The slippery, hydrophobic properties of NOTwax® make Fluoro Plus super smooth for lower speeds and warm conditions. Make your life easy by using one color all season long! One color for all temperatures Extremely water repellent Maintains slipperiness, regardless of changing snow conditions and terrain Excellent dirt resistance Minimal low-speed friction – ideal for quick race starts, terrain parks, half pipes and the flats Optimum base protection

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