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Yawgoo Valley Ski Area & Sportspark Reviews

Ice Queen

Tiny little hill


Pros: Right down the road

Cons: 200 ft. of vertical

Yawgoo Valley is tiny. With just a couple hundred feet of vertical, there's not much reason to drive any distance to get here. They do a big night skiing business with local kids, and in fact many weekdays they don't open until 2:00 p.m., when the kids get out of school.   For the size of the place, it's surprising that they have two chairlifts and a rope tow, all of which run when it's busy. There are some flat spots on the hill, and my favorite run to minimize the flat is to ski Upper Ledges to Yellow Jacket, you can get a pretty consistent pitch all the way down that run. There are a couple of really really short steep pitches, one of which would be a legitimate black...
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