Yabuli Resort

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Yabuli Resort

Yabuli is located in the Shangzhi City, around 200 kilometers east of Harbin. Yabuli is a year-round tourist attraction specializing in Ski activities. It is a subrange of the Changbai Mo- untain Range and covers 2,225 hectares. The resort is endowed with favorable natural cond- itions, making it the best natural skiing resorts in China. The area’s temperature is minus 1degrees Celsius and the winter lasts for as long a six months – October to April. Snow depth reaches an average of 39cm and gets as thick as 60cm in high altitude regions. Yabuli Ski Resort is currently the biggest and has the most complete facilities among ski resorts in China. Among its features is the 3800m long main skiing trail located at an altitude of 1300m. Cable car lifts are also available. Yabuli Ski Resort is surrounded by mountain ranges covered with pine forests.

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