The perfect gloves for someone with Raynaud's

A Review On: Women's LTD Heated Gloves by Ansai in Black

Women's LTD Heated Gloves by Ansai in Black

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Pros: lightweight material, comfortable, easy to maneuver

Cons: the elastic bands easily wear down quickly

Elite Feet at Northstar mentioned one day while I was shopping there for boot warmers, that they were going to soon be getting in electronically heated gloves. As someone who suffers from Raynaud's, where my toes and fingers lose circulation and go white and painful with no feeling from poor circulation and cold conditions, I was immediately interested in seeing these gloves. The next trip I went back to Northstar and asked if they had gotten the gloves in and sure enough they had them in stock. After one demo I was sold. 


Why are these gloves amazing you ask? Because they send heat all the way out to the fingertips. The heat packets you can put in your gloves only put heat in your palm area, but these electronically heated gloves extend the heat all the way out to the fingers... where my Raynaud's strikes. Plus they heat up *fast* and have 4 heat settings (100, 75, 50, 25). At 25-50 I can easily last a whole day. 75-100 is pretty darn hot, so I only use it when my fingers lose feeling and then once I regain feeling I lower back down the temperature. 


On warm spring skiing days I don't even need to turn on the heat at all, and they're a thin enough material that my hands aren't sweating in warm weather days. 


Yes these have battery packs that lay on your wrist. I personally never notice them since I can't feel what lays on my wrist area over my glove. The weight of the battery isn't noticeable or a nuisance to me at all. 


I originally gawked at the $200 price tag, but honestly, this was my favorite purchase (not counting new skis of course!) for my accessories I got this year. Totally worth every penny. Heat when I need it, no heat when I don't need it. What's not to love :)


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