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Wolf Creek Ski Area Reviews

Michael Conklin

it was the best of mountains, it was the worst of mountains


Pros: untracked powder, everyone is friendly, no lift lines, powder

Cons: no sustained steep runs

You can get untracked powder all day.  Plus, the mountain is almost all North facing so it doesn't get crusty.  The main problem is that the steeps are almost all hike to and they are followed by long flat segments.  I imagine this place would be a nightmare to try and snowboard if you weren't already familiar with the mountain and exactly where to maintain speed.    All that being said if you want untracked powder in Colorado it's either this mountain or steamboat. 

Best family mountain I've been to yet


Pros: Great snow, deep snow, plenty of snow and variable terrain

Cons: The 'flatter' spot midway down the mountain. Location is out in the middle of nowhere ... no lodging or amenities are around.

Love to go here.  The terrain is plenty challenging for me.  This is the best family oriented place I've been to yet and the prices are very good.