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Windham Mountain Reviews


Great Spring Skiing, Just Avoid It on the Holidays


Pros: Terrain, Trail Layout


we went to windham twice this season; MLK and closing weekend.  MLK weekend was so crowded that we only got 4 runs in the entire day.  closing weekend was a much better experience.  no lift lines, soft snow, soft bumps, lots of sun....perfect spring skiing conditions.  one of my favorite trails there is wipeout.  it's a little hard to get to b/c you need to take a hike up the wide connection trail (almost 35ft elevation gain along this trail!). once you make it past the hike you get a really nice bump run that winds through the woods.  it starts of really steep but then mellows out to a really comfortable pitch.  very picturesque.

One of the Best in the Catskills


Pros: Near the city, fast lifts, Upper Wipeout.

Cons: Near the city, Crowded, gets icy

Well, it's near the city and is one of the best in the Catskills, so it is CROWDED.  Without the singles line it can be a 20 minute wait at the base quad on weekend. Terrible.  The terrain isn't that bad, with some nice trails like Wipeout and Way Out.  The East Peak is usually always very icy and crowded, so I try to avoid it.  Midweek is the best time to ski here, because it's practically empty.  Overall, not a terrible mountain, but very crowded on weekends.