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Wildcat Reviews


Authentic old-school skier's mountain


Pros: no lines, reasonable prices, amazing views, fun trails, trees, challenging terrain, fast lift

Cons: wind (lift holds, scoured surfaces), snowmaking capacity

Wildcat is everything that most Vermont resorts are not. It's closest cousin in New England is probably Cannon.   Wildcat probably gets the most snow of any resort in the area which generally makes up for its mediocre snowmaking. The ungroomed terrain is really where Wildcat shines. Terrain is challenging. Beginners won't want to try the blues.   There are some wide open cruisers, mostly on the lower half of the mountain. There are an even greater number of challenging narrow trails and plenty of vertical rocky drops. For the adventurous expert skier, there are unmarked frozen brooks like Thompson Brook and Elevator Shaft.   The views are amazing, but the...
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Best Skiing in New England


Pros: Views of Mt. Washington and deep powder.

Cons: Winds can be brutal.

I worked on the Wildcat Ski Patrol for a year. When the weather is good Wildcat is the best. When the wind hits 60 mph and the temp. is -10 the mountain is too challenging.
Rich Larow

Fast mountain overall


Pros: Fast trails, cool locals

Cons: Freezing a** cold. Lots of obnoxious tourists in NH

Wildcat is another under rated Mt located just outside of North Conway (or Bartlett i cant remember). Theres a lot of stuff going on at that mountain, i saw a lot of family groups of skiiers there. That doesnt mean its warm though. It is a windy Mt and the trails are really wide. A good overall skiing experience for the N.East. Prices on passes are really good. 

I love this mountain!!


Pros: Very short liftlines, AMAZING views of Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range, wicked terrain, fastest summit lift around.

Cons: Tons of cold and windy days, quite aways out from North Conway and nearby towns,

Now with the cons as a start, YES they are true. But as they may be an inconvenience to some; many people, as well as myself may feel it's a blessing in the end. The temps can be and often are staggering. Though, being literally across the street some of the worst weather on Earth, it surprises me very little. (I've visited in the dead of Feb. seasons prior, so I definitely see where the common con of the cold weather comes in)  Though it doesn't damper the excitement of pulling in to the parking lot, and getting a first glimpse of the Wildcat Express zooming up the mountain at warp speed and the endless (uncrowded) 2,112 foot vertical awaiting you! I also love the feeling of...
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Huge Fan


Pros: The people that ski there. Old School New England Trails

Cons: Weather is very changeable.

I'll keep it short. Agree with comments above. This place is blast to ski. The coolest thing about mountains like this and Cannon is the type of skier it attracts. Good skiers who are generally super nice and don't show off even though the average ski mom on this hill probably raced in college. It can go from relatively warm to full raging storm to nice 3 or 4 times a days so listen to the forecast.

The Cat Rocks


Pros: Terrain, Vertical drop, Wildcat Trail, Thompson's, Views, snowfall,

Cons: cold, windy, long drive

Wildcat has been my favorite ski area in New Hampshire since I was a kid.  It's 2,112 vertical drop is all right there, straight down the old gondola line.  Elevator Shaft is a blast!  Fantastic views of Mount Washington and Tuckerman Ravine from just about every trail.  Wildcat has a classic base lodge and offers a lot of great deals on lift ticket prices.  Can be cold and icy so be prepared.  Wildcat is a classic ski area there is no base "village" or lodging at the ski area but there are lots of lodging options in the nearby towns of Gorham, Jackson and North Conway.  Thompson's is one of the most extreme runs to be found in New England.

Wildcat is a Winner


Pros: great scenery, interesting terrain, moderate crowds and prices, long season

Cons: no base area lodging, rather remote, can be cold

  Wildcat is a very special ski mountain, particularly because of the old-timey character of the terrain; curvy runs with blind drops, unexpected glades, secret frozen streambeds, huckable rock outcroppings, and more. Not as big as some of the major VT resorts, but you'll get quality over quantity skiing. It is one of my favorites in the Eastern US. Good vertical (~2000'), one well placed high speed quad chair to serve that full vertical, moderate-light crowds, longish runs (~50 of them) with interesting terrain variety mostly in the vein of hard blue/easy black. There are a couple of long, wonderful green runs (Polecat, Wild Kitten) for strong-legged ...
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Wildcat is one of the toughest mountains in the east.  It has steep downhills and very tough conditions.  If you can ski this you can pretty much ski anything.