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Whitewater Reviews

Positive Reviews


Real Skiing (TM)!


Pros: Great tree lines, good steeps, excellent sidecountry, new lift reduces need for hitchiking, great food

Cons: small day lodge

Whitewater, British Columbia, outside of Nelson, offers real skiing, unpolluted by the Wally World syndrome that affects so many large destination resorts. There's no gloss, no glitter, no snowmaking and no detachable express chair lifts. There are many ungroomed lines, mostly in the trees, but some wide open. There are cliffs, rocks, drops, stumps and logs. And there's usually enough snow to cover most of those, um, "features," allowing you to ski over them or off them, sometimes without even noticing that they're there.   There are even a few groomed runs, and the quality of the grooming in the last couple of years has been very good, with very...
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Negative Reviews


Not my cup of tea


Pros: Family friendly, conveniently close for residents of Nelson, inexpensive, good snow much of the time, uncrowded.

Cons: Small, visually unimpressive (i.e. no stunning mountain vistas), short runs.

I've skied at Whitewater a dozen times or so over the last ten years, half of these occasions in the last two years. I've obviously been a visitor on these occasions and thus haven't had the advantage of local knowledge when assessing Whitewater. What I do have is some perspective on skiing elsewhere.   Whitewater seems a perfect small town ski hill. It is very close to Nelson, the nearest town of any size, and affords the local residents with a relatively inexpensive, hassle-free ski experience. The standard of average skiing ability is unusually high, perhaps because Whitewater isn't a destination resort which attracts very many once-a-year skiers. The snow quality is often very...
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Cool little hill


Pros: the food!, great snow, nice trees, backcountry access

Cons: small

 Whitewater is a cool little hill located outside of Nelson, one of the regions most interesting town. Whitewater's claim to fame is its great snow. Apart from Powder King, WW is the snowiest non-costal hill in Canada's west. It also has great tree skiing and decent pitch. And the best daylodge food anywhere. But the hill is really small, with only two old double lifts. Most local skiers use the lifts to access great backcountry terrain.

Perfect for a one-day trip

Not a huge hill (1300 feet I seem to recall) and not so big that you can't hit most of it in one or maybe two days, but it's all at high altitude and there's plenty of fresh Kootenay powder.   It's about an hour from Red, so if you're in the area already and want a change of scenery, it's an excellent venue.