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Hold on People


Pros: big hill

Cons: foggy and cloudy always!

  Easy people. I've lived in the valley on and off for 30 years and skied here as long. First off let me tell you what they won't tell you. The hill is socked in with clouds 90% of the time. If you like to ski in thick soup with no view and a bit of vertigo then this is the place for you. If you don't believe me then check out the web cam on the resorts website every day for a week and see for yourself. It's a good hill, not crowded but you will be lucky if you see blue sky one day a week. This is why colorado and the Sierra resorts are much more enjoyable. But hey come up yourself and see.  Oh and the fares to fly in are way out of touch with reality.

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Tough to beat this place


Pros: Excellent Value, Great Skiing, Glacier Park views and a real town!

Cons: Long Cat Tracks back to base from several trails

After researching vacations out west with my wife for years we chose Whitefish and in hindsight made a great choice.  We loved a lot about this place, especially after skiing out in Colorado.   The lower elevation was one of the first things I noticed when skiing here.   Just easier on the lungs at only 6,800' at the top.  Our condo was at 4,700' and still above the base area.     The snow was great our whole time there which always will taint a trip to the positive side, but then this mountain almost always gets great snow.  Almost 300" already this year and still falling.   The free SNOW bus into town was really convenient and we used it...
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As advertised!


Pros: Big long groomed trails, friendly people in town and on mountain, night life

Cons: Not a single con comes to mind,

Although it was our first ski trip out West, I find it hard to believe it could get much better than this. We're heading East this year to Lake Placid, but I have no doubt we'll be back to Whitefish in the near future. We took the train and I'd say that was the one thing I didn't care for, it didn't seem to bother my girlfriend, and in hindsight it wasn't that bad. I'd probably do it again if I needed to due to a tight budget. The skiing was fantastic and the lift lines were short. We were pleasantly surprised to find a good selection of places to eat and local craft beers. Yes, very pleased they had good craft beer at a couple establishments. Snow Ghost was my favorite. The locals were...
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Big J

Fun on formerly Big Mountain


Pros: Great runs with tremendous views and lots of snow

Sibhusky was kind enough to show my wife and I around the mountain for a day.  We had sunny weather the first day followed by partly cloudy the second.  Even though we had a ticket for the third day we did not ski due to rain and wind.  We did the three day advanced lift ticket purchase online that we would not do again as the two day on the mountain package is only $2 more per day and we would not have wasted the third day tickets.  On a sunny day the views are amazing.  The grooming is first rate.  There is terrain for every level of skier.  I am advanced/expert and really had a good time cruising the blues and some groomed black runs.  My wife...
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Good Local Ski Hill


Pros: No Crowds.(due to fog) good variety

Cons: Development, FOG, Weird Lift Set Up That Can Crowd Certain Lifts

Big Mountain (WMR) is a great hill if you can get used to its downfalls. It gets really foggy, quite often. If your a skier who only skis groomed runs, youre better off staying on the lower section of the mountain. At the top, Visibility can be so bad that you cant see where to get off the lift until your a couple feet away. Also more of a personal annoyance (doesnt affect the skiing much) is the development. I heard theyre tearing down Ed and Mully's (a great on hill restaurant thats been there forever) to build condos. Really pisses me off. It's like they are trying to turn the mountain into Montana's Vail. Also the lift setup is weird. Two of the lifts on the front side barely ever...
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One of the best. Great terrain & Great snow!


Pros: Spectacular grooming. No crowds. Endless variety. Great tree skiing.

Cons: Fog. Lift system needs some improvement.

I always wanted to get to Big Mountain and finally made it in Feb., 2011. Although it is now officially named Whitefish Mtn. Resort, it more than lived up to it's original name and it was a world class experience judged on the basis of it's incredibly diverse terrain. I expected this place to be fun, but it seriously blew me away. Don't expect to find the kind of long sustained steeps you get at Snowbird or Jackson, but there are plenty of challenging steeps scattered around in short tight tree shots with some of the most menacing looking tree wells you'll ever see. Don's Descent is the perfect example. Although it isn't steep like Alf's High Rustler or Tower Three Chute, hundreds...
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Whitefish - great mountain!


Pros: varied terrain, abundant snow, inexpensive, uncrowded, easy to get to

Cons: wetter snow, mostly southern exposure, foggy, many treewells

A very large mountain with a very large variety of terrain.  Has some steeps/cliffs/trees to rival Jackson Hole, and plenty of large groomers.  In many ways reminds me of Steamboat except with more steeps and less people.  Tons of treeskiing (watch for treewells - they seem to be a bigger issue here than in some resorts such as Snowbird/Alta).  Abundant snowfall which can be wet or dry depending on the day.  While most of the mountain faces south, the abundant fog can protect the snow quality.  If it has been sunny recently, the backside, while smaller, faces north and keeps the snow quite well.  Not too many long or steep mogul runs the week I was...
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Hidden Gem


Pros: snow, lots of terrain, uncrowded, nice town

Cons: some martime snow, harder to get to

Big Mountain is a great ski area. I lived in West Glacier, and then in Whitefish and skied here often. I was used to East coast skiing (I’m from Vermont) so I was thrilled by the massive dumps this mountain gets. They are famous for their “snow ghosts” – which are trees so covered in snow they look like some kind of marshmallow creatures! There’s bowl skiing and tree skiing galore and the views down to the Flathead are spectacular. The funny thing is it’s a hidden gem. Most people come to this area in the summer (Glacier National Park is abut 35 mins away), but rarely do they make the trek in the winter. Most people think of Big Sky when they think of Montana skiing, but I like Big...
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Pros: Usually uncrowded. Fast chairs. great variety of terrain. some of the hardest skiing ive ever done in East Rim area.

Cons: Fog.

Im going to list all the great runs for you. Starting out from chair 2, on the smaller part of the front side, there is limited advanced terrain but some very good cruisers. not very much vertical though. on an extremely busy powder day, which isnt often, i ski in the trees on this mountain to stay away from the crowds. chair 2 never has a lift line. Going up chair 1 to the summit, there is many options. starting with the front side. there are three incredible cruisers on the front side. Inspiration, Big Ravine and Tony Matt. Big Ravine may be the best cruiser ive been on, top to bottom, no ones ever on it for some reason, you can really fly on this run. Inspiration is about the same....
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Great place to ski!!


Pros: Awesome views, terrain and people.

Cons: The FOG!!

Just an awesome place to go with 3,000 acres of terrain.  The views, when sunny, are awe inspiring.  One of the trails is named "Inspiration" and you understand why with skiing down this in the bright sunlight.  Looking north over at the peaks in Glacier National Park is just awesome as well.  This place is classy and not tacky-uppity, all about alpine sports, and has not a pretentious air at all.  The staff there looks you in the eye, are respectful, and helpful.  My second favorite place to go to! Oh and the best slopeside restaurant-bar of any resort I've been to is right here too ... the Hellroaring Saloon