Whiteface/Lake Placid Reviews




Pros: Vertical, Expert Terrain, Beginner Area, Views

Cons: Cold and Icy

Largest vertical in the east, iciest in the east, one of the hardest in the east, and who could not forget the slides. Whiteface offers expert skiers terrain that is truly like nothing else in the east. The slides are the centerpiece for most experts looking to test their abilites. Sadly, the slides are only open few days a year and you need an avalanche probe and a shovel just for the patrol to let you to experience it! Even though Whiteface is renowned for its expert terrain, the beginner area, at the bottom of the mountain, is perfect for new skiers starting out. Also, the long blue cruisers like the wilmington trail cater to intermediate skiers very well. I have skied Whiteface only a...
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My Fav in the East


Pros: Big, for the East; High speed gondola and lots of good chairlifts; Great apreski lodge and a fun town; That 1980 Olympics vibe

Cons: That 1980 Olympics vibe; Can be icy like every other mountain in the East

Whiteface holds a sweet spot in my heart. When I was a student at Cornell my friends and I would make the drive up to Whiteface a few times a year. We would rent a bunkhouse in the area that was most definitely a youth hostel in 1980 (see 1980 Olympics vibe, both pro and con). It is great for a bunch of college kids, +/- 10 years. We kept the tradition alive post-college when we were all living in NYC.  Whiteface is a sizeable mountain for the East Coast. It has enough terrain to keep an advanced skier entertained for a day. Two days is pushing it. It is wonderful for beginning skiers and families. The lodge at the bottom of the mountain is 1980-fabulous and has a great DJ and live bands...
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My All Time Favourite Resort.


Pros: Steep and Fast or Mellow and Easy, Child Friendly, You will learn to love "Eastern Hard Pack Snow" Carved Wood Bears under Chair 6.

Cons: Little "turtle shells" of granite poke through surface here and there. Sometimes can be cold and windy.

My family has vacationed at Whiteface every year for the past 25 or so and we have never been disappointed. It's changed a little in that time by opening a new face but the charm and ambiance has remained. Neither my 5 year old or her mother had any trouble descending from the summit to the base and there are opportunities on the way down to short circuit the blue squares with a black diamond that allows more advanced skiers to briefly stretch their legs and then wait until their more timid companions catch up to them at the lower intersection....win win. Conditions can be described as Classic Eastern, with...
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You cant match the vertical , lift speed & lines, and steep groomers anywhere on the east . Great for a GS racer or someone who loves long groomers


Pros: VERTICAL and time on the mountain vs on the lift line.

Cons: ice / lack of glades. it cant get icy . Nightlife is non existant. parking could be better

I love whiteface. I love the amount of time i spend on the trails vs in the gondala or waiting for it. The lifts move fast and if its presidents weekend stick to lookout mountain or the summit when it gets busy. but it never gets killington busy. I love the challenging steep terrian and the views.   the natural snowfall/ wind can be annoying. Glades wont be as great as say a gore mountain or a tremblant. when it is windy and things ice up if you stick to the narrower trails they will be better.   this is not a fun nightlife place, no clubs, just a few bars and not a bumping local crowd. Lake placid can have marginally better nightlife.

great skiing


Pros: good vertical, quick lines, great views, steep long trails

Cons: not very diverse width wise

Whiteface is a no frills place, but lake placid is a very very nice town, and there is a nice bar at the main lodge, and it has everything that's needed. Some people may prefer other places like Killington and Gore because of the easier to access variety, and the layout may force people down certain trails to not ski more difficult trails.  The skiing is excellent.

My favourite in the East


Pros: High vert. Good grooming. No phony village at base

Cons: Can be windy. Could use more runs.

I'd say this is my favourite Eastern mountain... nudging past Le Massif when they built the Lookout Mountain pod.   If you like cruising LONG runs, there isn't much that comes close on this side of the Mississippi.  The views from the summit are incredible. When I'm up there I feel like I'm on top of the world. I've actually spotted Mount Washington, two states over from the summit.   My take is that the snowmaking upgrades over the last 10 years have made the Iceface moniker obsolete.  Its never been icy save for the odd patch here and there.  I'm always able to get a solid edge in on Skyward and Cloudspin, which are some of the steepest longest runs in...
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Great ski town


Pros: The terrain, Lake Placid

Cons: Ice, Wind, cold

For some reason I never end up having a god ski day here but I will keep trying.  For some other strange reason I always have a great ski day at Gore?  Both places would  benefit from having a half dozen more "huge dumps" per season but then again which mountain doesn't.   Lake Placid is a great town with lots to do, especially for families.  I still get choked up in the Rink when I see the pictures of Herb Brooks and the boys.

Better know how to ski


Pros: Steep and good verticle

Cons: icy, cold, fog, freezing rain, variable conditions. Not very big.

I go there once a year to ski with my buddies. They go almost every weekend. The terrain can be pretty icy on top and variable down lower. Don't bring your fat skis. A good midfat that can handle ice is perfect. The weather can vary as I worte under "cons".   I think vermont is better. The verticle feet is 3100 lift served but its only 220 acres so its not wide.   It will challenge you. And, I agree with the other reviewer who said the blues are not easier blues.   I have a good time wherever I ski, but, this place is not my favorite and certainly not worth 5 stars.   Johnny