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White Pine Reviews


Family-friendly little area


Pros: uncrowded, nice lodge, cheap

Cons: no steeps, slow lift, long bottom runouts on east runs

I visit this resort about 4-6 times a winter, always with my family.  They like the easy runs, while I tolerate them (best way to put it, I guess).  Most of the fun runs open later in the season when the snow gets deeper, usually in January.  They gladed a tree run a few years ago that is a nice powder stash that few skiers venture into.  As mentioned in the cons, the runs on the east side of the lift have long runouts to get back to the base, so you end up bombing half the run just to pick up some speed.  The western runs are steeper and offer a more direct line back to the lift.  The parking lot and lodge are quite close together, which means we can easily get back to the car during the...
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