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Great terrain with horrible weather and not what I'd call snow


Pros: This is definitely the mutha of all ski areas for the amount of challenging terrain

Cons: Too bad the weather and snow conditions makes it tough to enjoy

Note that my "Downhill Terrain" rating reflects both the terrain and the snow conditions.... Went twice for a week each time in February.  Simply put the weather was consistently horrible - more rain than snow even near the top, and with fog that defies description.  Of course the snow conditions followed suit - a mixed bag of cement, slush, mashed potatotes, death cookies, and blue ice (yes - the kind you get in the east), with just a bit of nearly-light powder at the tippy top to tease you (which is especially frustrating given the incredible terrain).  I thought that my experience was just bad luck until I watched the 2010 Olympics.  Nuff said!
Andrew R

Opening Weekend 2013 - 16 Novermber


Pros: Earlier than anywhere else (probably)

Cons: Snow will be up high only, crowds will be enthusiastic (but not that well behaved) and lack of ski fitness from fellow slope users

Read about the details here:   http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/the-mountain/hours-of-operation.aspx   We have had some snow but it has been raining in the valley. Cold temps in the Alpine so they have been making snow for the last few weeks. Cold week coming up with some real snow (ie the stuff that comes from God not snow guns) on the way.   Opening day - yah! Just one of a possible 155 days (approx) if one lives here.   Things to think about:   Crowded queues Crowded runs People on the snow who are not really snow fit (I guess this applies all season really)   Those that partake I hope you truly enjoy your day. I'll be at school so I won't be...
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full service resort, lots of cruising

 Whistler is a full-service resort.  You can find anything you want, including fine restaurants, shopping or  other rec for the nonskiers, and of course steeps and powder stashes.   But being near the Pacific Ocean, it has erratic weather, though.  If you book your week in advance, you might get skunked if you need fresh powder. As a mountain (well, pair of mountains), it's heavy on the cruisers.  You can find steep powder, but the lifts aren't set up so well for that.  Whistler bowl has chutes and powder, but it requires traversing and two lifts to make one cycle.  Spanky's Ladder at Blackcomb is worse in that regard (and a harrowing, but brief climb when it's icy). Serious skiers will...
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World Class, but crowded


Pros: Varied Terrain

Cons: Iffy snow conditions, long lines

Whistler is a world class ski resort. Saying that, I only ski there once or twice a year. The reasons being the iffy snow conditions and the crowds. On a powder day on Sat, the crowds are overwhelming due to the crush of people coming from Vancouver. Sometimes the lines at the Peak chair can be 20 minutes. Because of the crowds, fresh lines only last 30 minutes and then they are gone. It's ok if the snow is light, otherwise it's skiing cud all day. I never skied during the week at Whistler, so the crowds are probably a lot lighter.   The terrain is great. Runs off the Glacier bowl, Spanky's, and the Peak are steep and fun. Lots of gladed runs and chutes. The only...
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Mountain is great but lines were brutal


Pros: Big wide mountain with tons of trails

Cons: lifts were insufficient and crowded

Went there with my family (three kids: 4, 9, and 12) and we all have mixed feelings about the mountain.   Pros:  The mountains (both) are vast with really varied terrain.  I could ski the blacks and meet up with the wife and kids at the bottom of particular lifts.  We were lucky as there was two feet of fresh snow a few days before we got there so the base was pretty deep.  Powder stashes were still available but on the higher slopes.  The Village was the best I have ever been too and I have been to Utah, Colorado, Vermont and California.  Nothing beats the Whistler Village.  Nothing.  FanatikCo worked on my boots and I swear after 15 years...
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Canada's best


Pros: Terrain, long season, vert, nightlife

Cons: Rain/fog, expensive, fake village, crowded

 Whistler is Canada's most complete resort. It is huge, and most of the terrain is really good. You can find any type of terrain you like here, from easy cruisers, to steep chutes, to trees. It snows here. A lot. If it is raining in the village, it is probably snowing higher up. Hopefully you can see where you are going! The party scene is the best of any ski resort I have visited. If you aren't afraid of fog or rain, you will have a blast at Whistler. If you need to ski in warm sunshine, go elsewhere.

where next back I think


Pros: massive area

Cons: weather

Just back from whistler,great place already looking for next year.The place is such a change from europe in a good way,the grooming is so much better and the variation and range of terrain is fantastic.The people are so much more friendly and helpfull than im used to aswell,the bars,resteraunts and hotel the staff just cant do enough for you.Apres was great with the start at GLH and ending in garfunkells,with the keg in between has made some of my best days of  skiing complete.The weather was a bit sketchy at times but only low down mid station but the best skiing is above anyway so you only really see it on the run down,and when the weather does close in the tree skiing is wicked fun.Im...
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A great start to winter 2009/2010


Pros: Size, conditions, quality and quantity of terrain

Cons: cold

 Just returned from a very cold week at Whistler. There was no new snow but the cold and expert grooming kept the mountains in great shape. The boiler-plate snow made some of the more extreme upper bowls challenging but you could still find some nice, packed powder if you looked hard enough. Well worth the visit and a great way to start the ski season.



Pros: BIG terrain and vertical, lots of snow, huge variety

Cons: Crowds, the Village

I live within reasonable driving distance of Whistler (3 hours) so I get up there a few times each season.  I have never stayed for as long as a week like many do.  Sometimes we do a one day trip. As a ski area the place is amazing.  I've been skiing there since 1993 and I know I've not skied all the terrain.  There is something for everyone.  Skiers of all abilities can ski from all lifts, there is a green trail down from everywhere.  This means that the groomers tend to be pretty crowded, but off piste is completely open.  There is every kind of terrain from open bowls to cliffs and trees; and lots of it.  When Whistler/Blackcomb is on you'll think you died and went to heaven. The...
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So much terrain


Pros: terrain, snow, village

Cons: ifffy weather

went to whistler last year and couldn't beleive how big the place is.  Skied for 4 days and didn't even ski all of one of the mountains.  Unfortuneatly, it has a lower elevation and sometimes, like when i was there, they get rain in the middle of january.  I still want to go back!

Huge place with Everything


Pros: Every type of terrain; fun village; more affordable than you would think

Cons: Variable snow conditions; can get crowded

I have no problem giving Whistler/Blackcomb the highest possible rating as it has everything you could want in a destination ski resort many times over.  Want to ski on a glacier?  Want moguls?  Want to rack up the vertical on steep groomers?  Want beautiful scenery in every direction?  Want fun, playful cruisers?  Want above-treeline alpine skiing for all ability levels?  Want glades?  Want to ski an Olympic Downhill?  Want fast lifts?  Want uncrowded runs?  Whistler-Blackcomb has all of this and a lot more.  While I can think of one of two resorts which might have more of one or two of these things, no place can provide all of...
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Massive resort with high chance of powder


Pros: Great terrain off Blackcomb Glacier and Whistler Bowl. Two huge mountains to play; something for everyone. High chance or large snow dumps.

Cons: power can be wet; changes with altitude, can get crowded on weekends, visibility is frequently bad, can rain at base

We skied there the week of Mar 7 to Mar 11 and it snowed every day; total of 55" during the 6 days we were there.  Some days it was raining at the base but that was not a problem for us; our condo was near the Wizard Chair which has a plastic shield you can pull over; halfway up the chair the rain would turn to snow; and there were at least two more chairs to get to the top of the mountain.  With over 5,000 ft of elevation gain on both mountains the conditions on the way down can turn from light snow to heavy snow to sierra cement to ice to slush. It really has different climate zones.  Great place to demo skis as you can ski all conditions in a single day on a single...
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