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Wachusett Mountain Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great place


Pros: Convenient location, nicely groomed trails, fair priced, fun night skiing

Cons: Over crowded on weekends, long lines, too many kids to watch out for on the trails

Wachusett Mountain has been a lot of fun for me for both times I've gone. I've only been skiing 3 times, but I'm pretty much addicted already and I definitely plan to get into it more now. Most of the trails here are in the intermediate range. They are perfect for guys like me who picked up skiing really well and like a nice well groomed trail to fine tune their turns on. They also do a really nice job making snow and keeping the trails groomed here.   The first time I skiied at Wachusett, I took a 1 on 1 lesson. The instructor was awsome, he helped me out with turning correctly, maintaining my speed, and many other good tips. This was all last year.   Yesterday I went...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: close by

Cons: overpriced, overcrowded, and very few deals

Wachusett is too expensive for what it is. The only way they get away with their prices and lack of real deals is because they are the biggest mountain close to Boston. We usually drive the extra distance west or north for a more pocketbook friendly place.

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Can't beat the closeness to the city


Pros: close to city

Cons: crowds

One of my faovirte place for early morning turns on the weekend or during the week before work.  Not much challenging terrain but you can get your legs going before the crowds invade the place.  If there's a powder day, go someplace else, they groom everything religiously here to maintain their base.  In short, get here early and ski a half day (you get $5 off if you return your ticket before 12:30.) 

A Great Local Mountain


Pros: Close, highspeed lifts, snow-making, grooming, there times and places to beat crowds

Cons: Can be crowded at peak times, no off-piste skiing, almost nothing left ungroomed

I'm a firm believer the skiing should be a multi-day a week activity.  The way to get good is not to blast yourself to death for two-days a few weekends a season.  The way to get good is to ski at least a couple days a week all season, even if only for two or three hours each time out.  Unless you are lucky enough to live within an hour of a destination resort, or a few hours and have $$$$$$ for a condo, that's an impossibility.    The solution is to have a local mid-sized mountain you can get to often.  Wa fits the bill in spades.   The snow making and grooming are stellar.  So even if the weather bites, there's still okay skiing. ...
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nice hill


Pros: near boston, 1,000" vertical

Cons: school kids after 3 PM

Nice hill to get your ski legs back... NASTAR racing, the Smith-Walton trail has a nice pitch to it. The 10th Mountain trail is named after the famous WW2 division that fought so well in Italy and Europe. Many of the 10th Mountain alumni were famous for building the US ski industry after WW2.    I was at Wachusett a few days ago on 1/7/11 and the stone cabin off of 10th Mtn by lift tower 4 (?) was open, think they call it the Cider Shack or somehtin. They had black cherry and apple soda, apple fritters, mulled cider, fireplaces, sweets, and a very nice rustic feel to the place. Very cool.   Also, tried the GPS Speedo app on my droid and wrnt 41 MPH on Smilth...
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Review of the Review of Wachusett


Pros: Good ski school

Cons: Crowds

The review of Wachusett Mountain  www.wachusett.com  by Mattias99 is pretty fair - I would add a thing or two to the info he posted. I am also a P/T instructor there - Wawa sells a huge program of 8 weeks of night skiing to MANY elementary and middle schools in MA., so they NEED a large pen of instructors to show for lineup! It's 6 weeks of instruction, 2 weeks of free skiing. Kids are a huge part of the skiing population at Wawa, so night/weekday skiing is pretty crowded because of this.  Also,  the folks at Wachusett have developed a very very good ITC program. It's open to any age group, and prepares the attendees for a possible P/T gig teaching for them, and perhaps to go further w/...
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Pros: Close to Boston, good ski school (if I say so myself...), night skiing

Cons: Small, very limited expert terrain, gets crowded on weekends/holidays

(Disclosure: I teach in the ski school at Wachusett.) Wachusett Mountain is the closest ski resort to Boston that could reasonably not be referred to as a "bump".  With 1000' of vertical and a summit at ~2000', it's the highest point in Eastern/Central Massachusetts and offers some decent skiing with reasonable amenities and a few nice perks. While fairly small compared to the bigger resorts up in NH/VT/ME, it's less than 90 minutes each way from downtown Boston, and less if you live in the suburbs west of the city (or in Worcester, where it's about 20-25 minutes).  You can make an easy half-day trip there from Boston -- not something you're probably going to do even to, say, Loon or...
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