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Volkl Racetiger PS Ski

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Volkl Racetiger PS Ski

Volkl RaceTiger GS Racing PS R + IPT R 12.0 D 09/10: RACETIGER GS RACING POWER SWITCH R Legendary GS racing machine with Power Switch Technology for extra versatility Tremendous versatility for the biggest GS challenges - that is the RACETIGER GS RACING POWER SWITCH. With the same racing geometry as the World Cup-inspired Racetiger GS Racing Titanium, but with Power Switch Technology added in as well. The innovative mechanism allows you to easily adapt the way the ski feels to your preferences - even out on the slope. Cruise, dynamic, and power. Also at high speeds! Sizes info: Length Radius Sidecut 170 16.9 112_68_96 Length Radius Sidecut 175 18.0 112_68_96 Length Radius Sidecut 180 18.1 114_68_98 Technology: Power Switch The second generation of the Power Switch technology continues to set new benchmarks. One simple manual adjustment by the skier is all that-s required to select between three levels: cruise, dynamic, and power! One pair of skis is all that-s needed to handle the challenges involved in variable slope conditionswhile also taking the skier-s own ability and conditioning into account. The premium technology is available in the Tigershark and Racetiger series as well as The Grizzly model. Function By adjusting the switch, the skier can increase or release the tension on two carbon fiber rods which are spring-loaded into the interior of the skis. Three different firmness and flex levels can thus be selected for the ski. The mechanism is completely integrated, ensuring flawless long-term functionality, even under extreme physical and thermal conditions. Cruise All tension is released from the carbon fiber rods. The -cruise- setting with its soft flex is particularly well suited for passive skiing. It provides for effortless handling on soft terrain and a relaxing ride. Dynamic The -dynamic- setting activates the system at 50% tension. This mode provides for a balanced mix of elasticity and energy. Perfect for a dynamic, variable ski style and changing slope conditions. Power The -power- mode is the firmest setup. It supports an energetic, aggressive style of skiing by providing maximum stability, even on hard, icy slopes and at high speeds. Powered by Titanium The top-of-the-line models in the VÖLKL Alpine ski range boast a special wood core tuning system - all powered by titanium. Above and below the XTD Sensor Wood Core or XTD Wood Core, there is a layer of titanium reinforcing the ski and adding power and stability. The thin yet extremely strong aluminium alloy extends its unparalleled dampening properties particularly at high speeds. Grip Technologies Double Grip XTD Ever since carving was invented, edge grip has been vital. Precise hold has become the deciding factor in skiing as speeds and carving forces have increased. In order to optimise power over the edges, VÖLKL has developed the Double Grip principle: double height, double edge grip! The doubling of the Wood Core construction with a second wood core built up over the edges allows greater power transfer and stability and increases leverage. With Double Grip XTD, the additional wood core extends along the entire length of the ski. This makes the continuous flex of the ski rounder and more harmonious. The result is precise edge grip and reliable hold so you can carve your track through the snow at high speeds. Wood Core Concept XTD SENSOR WOOD CORE The XTD Sensor Wood Core is the construction method with the greatest proportion of wood. The core consists of a number of layers of wood glued together using a special patented process to allow the wood and resin to be better bonded. Two additional wood cores stretch along the ski edges for its entire length. The XTD Sensor Wood Core offers an incomparably precise ride and harmonious flex. Binding: iPT Motion R 12.0 D Motion Collection With the introduction of MOTION a few years ago, MARKER und VÖLKL opened a completely new chapter in the construction of ski binding systems. The world premier MOTION has influenced skiing like few other inventions since. Back then, integration was the magic word - and it still is now! MOTION is a revolutionary, patented system that allows skis and bindings to become a functional unity and that gives ski boots even more direct contact with the skis. It guarantees a direct transfer of power from the skier, via the binding and onto the ski - over the entire length of the sole. In addition to integration, screw free assembly is another trademark of all MOTION systems. Nothing prevents or limits the free flex of the skis. It also retains its full elasticity in the binding area. The result is a better and more precise edge grip and harmonious carving qualities. Motion iPT Motion The fully integrated iPT Motion ski binding system from MARKER und VÖLKL was created for the most demanding conditions. The prize-winning development with -Internal Power Technology- delivers precise edge control, maximum stability at speed, and nimble responsiveness. The interface between the ski and the binding is completely integrated within the ski. The result: maximum contact surface and optimum impulse transfer from the ski boot to the ski along the entire length of the ski. The high-tech system forms a unit with the Double GripXTD construction and is used in each of the speed-oriented, top-end models in the VÖLKL Alpine ski ranges. iPT R 12.0 D Din: 4.0-12.0 Weight: 40 kg - 120 kg Color: black/black/red Features: * stainless steel * gliding AFD * Biometric Pro-4 linkage Toe * Twin Cam Heel

Turn Radius16.9
Core Materialwood
Binding SystemiPT R 12.0
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended Use
Recommended Binding
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2008/2009
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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