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Vew-Do Balance Boards Butter Nub

Vew-Do Balance Boards Butter Nub

"The Nub" is Vew Do's latest line of boards designed to achieve new innovations in the realm of balance. The Nub expands on certain concepts that were previously unachievable through Vew Do's traditional rock and rail system. Fueling this exploration of the avant-garde in balance design is Vew Do's 22 years of ingenuity and devotion to the integral development of human balance. The beauty of these boards comes not only from the aesthetic appeal of its uniquely designed (hand crafted in the USA) shape, but from its approachability and functionality to all its riders. For people young to old, large to small, balanced to unbalanced, these boards are all-inviting and do not adhere to any one particular riding style. Virtually everyone stands to gain something from riding The Nub. The Nub Consist of a unique "U" shaped deck with two small equal size egg-like components called "Nubs." These "Nubs" are attached as reliefs to allow for quick radial turning at either end of the deck. At the middle of The Nub, is a larger hull-shaped fixture called the "Hub." The "Hub" allows for maneuverability from the board's center position. By standing on The Nub, with these three basic integrated concepts, there is the ability to "walk" or "tick/tack" the board from one contact point to another (via hub-to-nub/nub-to-hub) all while safely being less than an inch off the ground. The Butter Nub has a slightly tapered shape which allows the rider to transition and move quickly. The egg shaped nubs on the nose and tail are turned to follow the length of the board and create a more challenging and faster toe-heel movement. With the Butter Nub riders can progress and practice their skills: mimicking board sports movements, rotations, and core strengthening. It is ideal for boards sports training, fitness, and advanced rehabilitation excersizes. 30" Long skate shaped deck 9" Deck width at nose and tail 8" deck width at center 6 Ply variable flex maple deck STS Traction surface 13 Ply laminated hub

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Here is a quick video of founder Brew 'Vew' Moscarello making and riding a NUB Board: