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2010 - 2011 Ski School Information



One of the largest holiday resort and ski areas in the Swiss Alps. Verbier is recognized as one of the premiere "off-piste" locations worldwide and counts among Europe's most famous ski-resorts.

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Pros: Lots of challenging pistes and itineraries.

Cons: Begginer slopes are limited to the village runs.

My journey to Verbier started when I got off the train at Le Chable Station at the bottom of the valley. After purchasing my day ticket at the gondola station here, for a meagre 60 euros, I caught the "bubble" as all the locals call it up to Medran, the skiing hub of Verbier village.


I had bought a 4 Valleys lift ticket, so could access any lift on the ski map, A vast amount of skiing for the price. I skied with my mate and his cousin who is a local, effectively my very own guide for my day ahead. After a light breakfast in their charming chalet we skied down to Medran and caught the gondola up. Their hadn't been a snowfall for around 4 weeks so none of the village (easy) runs were open, however this didn't concern most of the skiing elite in the queue who clearly yearned for the challenging pistes above.


After some traversing and short lift rides we reached the top of an itinerary called Tortin, itineraries in Verbier are similar to a double diamond black in North America and should only really be skied by advanced skiers with sound knowledge of snow conditions and on mountain safety. To my delight Verbier has many Iteneraries although few were open when I went, and technically Tortin was "ferme" but to my delight my impromptu guide revealed thats mainly to keep beginners and intermediates off it. 


The moguls were big and the descent was steep, some online reviews state it as one of the most challenging runs in European skiing, not that I knew this when I went down. It was a delightful run and the challenge certainly led to plenty of enjoyment.


The rest of my day was mainly spent skiing to the furthest reaches of the piste map from Verbier to get value for money from the lift ticket. After reaching the village of Les Collons we turned back towards the Verbier side. It seems the further you go from Verbier the less investment their has been in the lift infrastructure with many slow chairs or surface lifts the only way to access the further away valleys. This didn't particularly concern me as I was only their for the day but if I was staying in one of the far away villages this might become frustrating after a while. 


Eventually I made it to the base of Mt Fort, The highest mountain in the 4 Valleys and managed to witness a host of notable peaks including the Matterhorn and Mt Blanc from the summit. The black run down from here was heavily mogulled and very enjoyable and steep. I continued to ski until all the lifts began to close and then I caught the gondola back down to Le Chable with little hassle, catching my train ride home.


Retrospectively my day in Verbier has enticed me to come back sometime in the future, arguably it has the most challenging terrain of any ski resort in Europe and although the cost of accommodation and food is remarkably high owing to its fame and glamour it is still worthwhile for any serious or avid skier. With plenty of snow it would be tough to find a resort that is better than it worldwide. My highlight of the day would be skiing down Mt Fort without too much hassle, albeit a few breaks along the way to rest the quads. Definetely one for the bucket list.


Pros: Huge mountains, loads of off-piste

Cons: Expensive

 It's hard to believe that there are no reviews posted for Verbier, as this is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in the Alps.  Skied there for the first time after a week in Chamonix for an off-piste course.  While Chamonix is justly famous for off-piste terrain, when it comes to easily lift-accessible off-piste, Verbier has a definitive advantage.  It's a huge expanse of terrain, all interconnected, and the off-piste options are mind boggling.  We hired a guide on our second day to ski off the backside of Mont Fort (3380m), and it was an incredible day.  Even 3-4 days after the last dump, we were still able to find huge amounts of untracked powder.  And the views, stretching from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn, were amazing.  Most of the resort is above treeline, and the sense of unlimited space is wonderful.

As other reviews will tell you, the resort is very expensive (21 swiss franc for a bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese?  Please.)  And it is crawling with Brits, but I've got nothing against Brits.  I didn't stay in Verbier, but it was obvious that it had a very vibrant Apres ski scene...several good bars just a minute or two walk from the main tram station.