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Valle Nevado Ski Resort Reviews

Positive Reviews


Valle Nevado- eat ata your own peril....


Pros: Skiing in the summer...

Cons: Lots of US folks get food poisoning!!! no wifi in rooms..

 Gave it 4 stars just because its skiing in August.  Been to Vn 2x, stayed and Puerto Del Sol, its an OK hotel. No wifi in rooms, if you go down to the lobby in the early AM you can get on but forget it in the evening. Not enough bandwidth.  The resort caters to the Brazilians and locals and so don't expect a lot of english and it can very loud there at night from about 10pm till about 2am whent hey all come in from the disco. I wear earplugs,,,,    Also, very dry, single digit humidity,  just make sure you have a working humidifier in your room.   Lots of Americans get food posioning, this year 3 of 7 got sick, last year it was 4 of 9.  Another family of 3, 2 of them were...
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Pros: no one is ever there

Cons: takes a little bit to get thre. worth it!

this place RULES!  never a person in line, did powder laps all day every day.  got 3 feet in first 2 days so made for sick skiing.  went out in the heli, 6400 vert foot couloir.  unreal.  get there! plus you ski in august.  pretty cool! 

Negative Reviews


Avoid Valle Nevado


Pros: Nice high elevation, picturesque, exotic.

Cons: Horrible service, expensive, mediocre hill, lame facilities for the day skier.

We visited Valle Nevado on Sept 4, 2012.  It was a miserable experience, mainly due to the actions of Valle Nevado ski school.     Just a general comment on skiing in Chile:  Chile does not cater to day skiers.  The resorts are built and designed around destination skiers that stay in their hotels.  Consequently the service towards the day skiers is bad. Day skiers are literally second-class users of the facilities.  Neither Valle Nevado nor Portillo have a lodge per se like resorts in the US and Europe.  There is nowhere to sit and rest except the restaurants, nowhere to stow your gear, etc.  No wifi or any other amenities unless you are...
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On-piste is disappointing


Pros: No lines, beautiful vistas.

Cons: Almost no challenging terrain

Skiing in August is amazing. The Andes are amazing. However I don't think that there is any lift serviced terrain here that would be marked as expert in Utah or Colorado. Quote honestly the lift serviced terrain gets monotonous pretty quickly.   The heli-skiing on the other hand is sick.

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Valle Nevado - 2009


Pros: Great snow, food, english spoken, epic scenery with awesome views

Cons: Ascension to mtn takes 2+hrs with no lighting, trails not clearly marked and mixed poorly

Would definitely return and stay for longer to really appreciate the mountain. There are many nearby resorts on the way up to this one with good deals but this has the best view by far.. Skiing the Diablada was the best and a few other pistes that I cant remember the names but I noticed the "Red" level pistes were in many cases the equivalent to some blacks over here in the Midwest.  Great times!