Vail Resort Reviews






Although the lift ticket is $92, I still give this place 5 star value because their slowest lift is a high speed quad I think (didn't see anything slow at all), and it just seems like you are skiing all day long.  I've skied quite a few places around the west and this is by far the best.  Best skiing, lodging, parking, best at crowd control...etc.  I say crowds, maybe? because the sheer number of people there is pretty astounding, but there is so much mountain it just doesn't matter.  For example, I showed up to Vail 45 mins after opening and it was packed.  I got on the lift and immediately tried to get as far away as possible.  Once I got to the far...
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Rich Larow

Sunny and bright, an awesome Mt with great terrain and great weather..


Pros: Sunny, Vail village is really cool, ski to your room. Bright and Sunny epic

Cons: I cant think of anything to write here

I spent a lot of ski days at Vail. Everyday was a great experience there. The woods were great, the snow was great, and Two Elk Lodge is amazing- located in the huge backcountry in the bowls. Ski patrols are pretty cool there and nightlife is great. If i didnt know anything about skiing i would check it out, its so famous and the price of skiing is amazing. 

Really don't understand the hate– Vail has it all!


Pros: tons of terrain, lots of options, dissipates crowds

Cons: lift lines can be long(ish), food is expensive

Spent 2 days skiing Vail last week– had a ton of fun. The place really has something for everyone– from my cousins, aunt and uncle who have been skiing 25+ years, to those just starting out like myself and my brother– Vail offers something for everyone, so long as you know where to find it. If you're a beginner to intermediate, it's worth it just to stick to the front side of the mountain... you'll have a lot of fun even without the back bowls. Another pro tip: if you're a snowboarder especially, try to navigate the mountain by going down runs as opposed to catwalks, as Vail has a lot of them. This is another reason beginner to intermediate snowboarders especially should stick to the...
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Margaret Thomas

Best ski mountain in the world


Pros: Vast terrain, the "gentle giant". Something for everyone.

Cons: A bit pricey

I learned to ski at Vail 30 some years ago and have skied there 1,000+ times since.  The great thing about Vail is there is something for everyone.  The beginners can ski Swingsville while the advanced skiers bump down Zot and they can meet at the bottom of the same chair lift.  No matter your ability or the varied abilities in your group, this mountain can handle everything.

Size Doesn't Match Hype


Pros: Size/Terrain Variety, Express Lifts

Cons: Size, Prices Like Nothing On Earth

Finally made it to the biggest of them all.  It's sheer size and variety of terrain is as impressive as advertised.  Everyone should be able to find a favorite lift and/or area here.  Visiting on 2/13/2013, we headed over to Blue Sky first thing in the morning via China Bowl, worked Game Creek Bowl before lunch, then after lunch finished up on the Avanti and Born Free lifts.  Other than a little crud and ice in China Bowl, and near the Lionshead village at the end of the day, the snow quality was good and it was a great day of skiing.  One area where Vail really does excel in is traffic management - there are so many express lifts and so much terrain to explore,...
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Penny Mackenzie

Huge Mountain- something for everyone


Pros: tons of expert area-esp. the back bowls

Cons: lack of speed control on regular runs-safety

Just returned from Vail- never saw so many collisions and almost collisions.One friend was hit twice in 1 day and blown out of her skiis both times!  She was standing in a "safe area." Neither time did the skier, then rider, stop. Another friend was being photographed by the Sharpshooter on Poppyfields- the first frame showed her great form- the next frame showed her almost being hit by the skier coming up behind her, his arms thrown up in alarm. This woman skis fast and in a predictable corridor. The guy was bombing the run. I ski at an average speed in a predictable fashion and had numerous almosts from behind. When reported, the Ski Patrol voiced frustration at these all...
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Back bowls are awesome


Pros: Best bowl skiing in the US

Cons: Nothing super steep, expensive parking

I usually spend the whole day skiing the back bowls.  There is a wide expanse of advanced single black terrain serviced by many lifts, serving a number of bowls above treeline.  It is relatively uncrowded with barely any lift lines back there.  The best tree skiing powder we found was in the farthest north-facing bowl.  The huge lodge at the top of the main ridge is a great place to have lunch. The front side has plenty of interesting terrain for intermediates and is like another resort on its own.  The town has great restaurants and character.  Lift tickets are not cheap, and the parking garage was $30 for the day.  Still worth it.



Pros: Huge, all types of terrain, great town, good snow

Cons: expensive, crowded

Vail is a great resort for anyone. For all those people who say there is no expert terrain, your wrong. I wouldn't call it a very difficult mountain, but being such a large resort, there has to be expert terrain. And there is, although the quantity of expert terrain is limited, there are several "extreme" runs and large cliff bands. The mountain has a great deal of beginner, intermediate and advance terrain. The glade skiing is great, but only if you go off trail. Almost all the blacks have moguls, and there are plenty of long groomed trails. It can be difficult to find powder, but if you know were to find it then its no problem. The terrain is overall top notch, as long as you know...
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Vail, big & flat


Pros: vast amount of terrain

Cons: nothing too exciting.

Vail is a mega-resort with 5146 acres and a vertical of3360' from 8120' to 11480'.  There are 13 Express Quads, 9 fixed grip chairs, 9 surface lifts and 1 Gondola, for a total of 32 lifts. The area is divided into 3 distinct areas, the Front Side, the Back Bowls, and the new Blue Sky Basin. There are no super steeps here and the trees are extremely tight. There are lots of long groomed runs and moguls on the front, with wide open bowls on the backside. I ..spend most of my time in the Back Bowls.