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Tyrol Basin


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Name Description Maximum Occupancy Price Range

Village Inn Motel 



This inn has 14 rooms and is 5 blocks from downtown. 



Extra person charges may apply 


$59 and up



Holiday Inn Express 


Hotel offers complimentary continent breakfast and Internet access, indoor pool and whirlpool. 

Extra person charges may apply  

 $149 and up

Super 8 


Hotel offers complimentary continent breakfast and Internet access, indoor pool, whirlpool and fitness center.  

Extra person charges may apply 

$63 and up 











5th Quarter


Chang Jiang 


Monte's Grill & Pub

  • Additional family owned and chain restaurants available in Verona, Wisconsin.




2010 - 2011 Rental Equipment Rates

2010 - 2011 Lesson Rates


Tyrol Basin

Tyrol Basin offers plenty of fun for the freestyling skier or snowboarder with a 1,000 foot long mogul run, two snowparks, halfpipe, and plenty of racing and special events for everyone. Located just 20 miles west of Madison, Wisconsin, it's a great place for beginners to learn to ski or snowboard. At Tyrol Basin, you may, at some time during the season, find machine-made moguls, half pipes, quarter pipes, table top jumps, spines, gap jumps, "Y" jumps, railslides, and other new, or experimental shaped features. Most of these features are accessible to both skiers and snowboarders. The level of difficulty and configuration of these features can vary widely.

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Pros: Inexpensive, close to Madison

Cons: Small hill, archaic lifts

Since you can get am 8-hour lift ticket for as little as $15 on liftopia, Tyrol can be a very good bargain depending on what you're looking for. I have no interest in the terrain park, so there isn't a whole lot here to keep me entertained. A couple of the black diamonds (Twister, Yodeler) can be fun if there's no lift line and you can run laps.


I come to Tyrol when I'm skiing with my 4-year-old son because it's a bargain. Ski lessons are pretty inexpensive here compared to other nearby resorts, as is equipment rental for kids. Tyrol only puts 2 kids per instructor if they're 5 or younger. Since my son is 4, he typically ends up getting a private lesson. Yesterday we went and including my $26 liftopia ticket, his $30 lesson, and $10 rental (to keep the skis after his lesson), we spent $66. This is as much as a 1-hour private lesson by itself costs at other nearby resorts. The beginner terrain could be better, though. The rope tow only serves a tiny bunny hill, which my son was bored with quickly. But, the runs accessible from the chair lifts were a little too much for him at first. The hill served by the cable tow is great for learning, but the cable tow itself is terrifying to my son.


When I want to ski on my own or with other adults, I'll go elsewhere. But for skiing with my kid on the cheap, Tyrol is very hard to beat.


2016 Update: 

Tyrol has replaced the cable tow with a magic carpet (conveyor belt) making the Trollway bunny slope much more accessible for beginners. It seems most of the lessons are occurring on this run this season. It's a nice easy slope with just a little bit of a challenge that is confidence-inspiring to my son (it might be too much for a first-time child, though). However, they removed the rope tow from the smaller bunny hill....hopefully they'll put a magic carpet in its place. 


Tyrol is still a bargain for beginners and kids and honestly, there's something about it that's making me warm up to it as an intermediate adult. The runs are short, but there are some interesting drops and cross slopes...and the old-school vibe is just comfortable. I've adjusted my rating from 3 stars to 3.5 stars.