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Tuckerman Ravine Reviews


Tuckermans- Extreme in the East


Pros: Tons of snow, late spring skiing, most extreme terrain east of the Mississippi

Cons: no amenities whatsoever

Tuckerman's ravine is located on the eastern side of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. It is probably the most popular backcountry skiing spot in the country, and is easily the most extreme terrain you can find east of the Mississippi. Tuckerman's is a glacial cirque (read:bowl) about a thousand feet below the summit of Mt Washington, the windiest place on earth. The headwall is 50-60 degrees, which then slowly flattens out to the base of the bowl. There are a number of routes down the headwall, as well as Hillman's Highway, a steep pitch to the left of the bowl. Because of its location and the prevailing winds, Tuckerman's collects huge amounts of snow, typically 50 feet or more at the...
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Not for Weak of Heart


Pros: Bucket List Challange

Cons: Long climb up, avalanche danger, long climb down.

No ski lifts, you carry everything up and down.  If conditions are good it is a life time experience.

Tough climb, serious steep


Pros: Steep, great spring snow

Cons: high mountain risks, it's a tough climb. No lifts

you have to climb, but if you like steep, nothing beats Tuckermans. It is not groomed, it is hazardous. I have not skied Tuckermans since I was a teenager. I saw 3 people having a picnic on a rock along the slope to the left of Tuckermans. People warned them to move. They did, and a few minutes later, a chunk of ice the size of a pickup truck silently peeled off the cliff face & landed where they had been. If they hadn';t moved, they would have been crushed. Stick to the Headwall area.