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Tremblant Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: Challenging Terrain, Long Runs, Fast Lifts, Friendly Staff, Great Glades, Cold

Cons: Crowded and very icy

I have been skiing Tremblant once every year for the past 7 years. Primarily I ski the expert terrain (double diamonds and single diamonds) and also I enjoy the glades. Let me say that Tremblant has some of the most challenging terrain in the east. This mountain has some runs that will make you cower in fear at the top of the slope. It may not have a lot of these runs but the few it does have keep the experience of skiing here both fun and refreshing. This mountain can be very crowded on the weekends and on the weekdays it can sometimes be a ghost town. Ice is obviously prevelant on the harder slopes adding quite the challenge to this mountain. The circles like Nansen, P'tit Bonheur, and...
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Negative Reviews


The Disneyland of skiing


Pros: close to Montreal

Cons: expensive, ugly architecture and layout, crowds

Only been there once and I don't think I will go back.  This place is so grotesque.  This fake Disneyland resort is so disconcerting and devoid of any charm.  It looks like a Hollywood soap-opera set.  I don't understand why you have to take a standing lift to access the slopes from the arrival area.  This just creates a bottleneck to leave or access the slopes on a crowded day.  Why not have slopes all the way down to the main base?  Oh! So we can fly over some tacky hotel or marvel at the expensive condos on the way up?  The Sunday I was there, the crowds were the largest I've ever seen the US or Canada.  Long lines, overly and dangereously crowded slopes, poor snow conditions (very icy...
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Good place to ski, bring locks.


Pros: Lots of terrain

Cons: Lots of people and expensive

Lots of trails so people tend to be dispersed and not crowded, it's great if you can go on weekdays, but lots of people on weekends, expect long line ups and perpetual traffic jam on the way back to Montreal. Crowd tend to attract thieves though, and d-bags who take your ski out of rack and throw it aside just to take your spot, bring ski locks. Don't leave your belongings on the table unattended either.

Mt Tremblant


Pros: Easy to navigate layout, fast lifts, great grooming

Cons: Cold, pricey and icy

Skied Tremblant for the previous two seasons. Good mix of beginner and intermediate terrain on a relatively compact and easy to navigate mountain. (Having spent some time at Stowe the season just gone, I really appreciated the compactness of Tremblant, particularly when skiing with younger children.) With the majority of runs groomed daily, I would include the most of the non-moguled black runs as intermediate terrain. Nothing to steep or extreme, except maybe for Dynamite on the North side. The four sides of the mountain make it particularly good for getting away from nasty winds or chasing the sun. At around CA$90 for a non-discounted day pass it's on the pricey side.

I have a student pass for 320$


Pros: close to montreal, quite high, gondola, accessible student pass

Cons: icy, icy, icy, artificial snow, crowded, expensive day passes

this is my 3rd year with a discounted student pass at approx 320$! you must reside in montreal, be younger than 29 years old and be a full-time student. you can buy it by phone or at the customer service, but they do not advertise for it online :) this mountain is very icy, especially by the end of the day and they do not groom during the day. no night skiing either. there is a possibility to buy an extra ticket in the morning to hit the first tracks about 1 hr early before everybody else. many snow parks for all levels, many lifts, a nice gondola. awesome glades and moguls on versant edge! Beware: you can only buy tickets from versant south or versant north. There are many...
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Mont Tremblant


Pros: Nice variety of runs

Cons: No gondola on the north side

Skied this mountain for a season.  Some great runs and the place fealt very quirky and European. Christmas and weekends are better avoided. The Hooky pass was good as it was relatively cheap and gave me Mon-Fri skiing which suited me fine. Plenty of black runs but frequently icy patches made skiing interesting. Slope groomed and looked after reasonably well. Bad part is that this resort is in Canada but there are some people who do not speak a word of English and clearly have no wish to learn.  Hard to believe. Mountain staff generally good but appear to hate their jobs as they seem terribly unhappy in their work as well as have no sense of humour. One thing...
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avoid gondola on weekends


Pros: nice terrain, very international clientelle

Cons: LONG waits on weekends

A big hill, lots of trails. Conditions were hardpack when I was there in Feb 2009, but they do a good job grooming, I would love ot go back, despite the looooong drive from Boston, if they had great snow. The line for the gondola is nasty on the weekend. Very slow and tedious. Base village is cool, if a bit pretentious. People are nice, but the french canadians are a little hard to understand to my american ears. Just make sure you say "Hello" to people so they know you're not Quebecois. Tremblant is the first place I skied a superpipe. That was fun!

Never a dull moment


Pros: Close to home

Cons: Weather unpredictable

I've been skiing Tremblant for the past 11 seasons and the only problem I have is that you never know what you are going to get as far as weather and ski conditions are concerned. I've skied here with rain and foggy conditions to -35 celius icy conditions, I've seen lots of snow at times and very little snow at times. The nightlife realy rocks, but that nothing to do with the mountain.
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