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Timberline Reviews

Positive Reviews


Disappointing, but still cool...


Pros: Palmer snowfield (and snowcat!)

Cons: Lower mountain just ordinary

So, my sons and I took the plunge and drove the extra hour or so to ski Timberline a little over a year ago.  Yes, it was the epic snow year.  No, it wasn't quite epic conditions.  Unfortunatley (and this isn't the resort's fault!) we had had a thaw-freeze cycle with no fresh snow, so the lower mountain was strictly groomers-only.  I mean hurt-yourself kind of stuff between runs.  So having to stay on the groomers with everyone else made for a trying day given it was Christmas break.  After lunch we ventured higher to see if the stuff up there had avoided the thaw.  Nope.  We did, however, get to ride in the Palmer snowcat. (The snow gets so deep on Hood it buries the Palmer chair up to...
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Negative Reviews


Great for summer only


Pros: Open almost all year long

Cons: flat terrain, no night life, isolated

Spent a week over thanksgiving at timberline training.  The conditions were pretty bad and they were not able to open more than 2 chairs at a time. The terrain in the lower mountain is VERY flat, not challenging and quite boring. The view is great and food is good and reasonably priced.   I would not go there to ski in the winter, but I will be back in the summer.   Timberline is great for summer training/skiing and less than average for winter, especially considering that there is no real night life and to do anything else you have to drive a minimun of 40 minutes toward Portland.