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Thredbo Ski Resort

Thredbo Ski Resort

Thredbo ski resort is Australia's premier year round resort. Located in the snowy mountains, Thredbo offers some of Australia's best and longest ski runs.

Snow making percent
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Magic carpet
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Rope tow
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Poma
Lifts-Surface Lifts-T bar
Lifts-Surface Lifts-J bar
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Single
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Double
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Triple
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Quad
Lifts-Chair Lifts-High speed quad
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Five person
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Six person
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Eight person
Lifts-Coggle train
Lifts-Total number of lifts14
Lifts-Total lift capacity
Trails-4-Expert only
Trails-5-Terrain park
Trails-6-Half pipe
Runs-Steepest run
Runs-Longest run5.9 kilometres (Karels T-bar to Friday Flat.)
General-Base elevation1365 metres
General-Vertical drop672 metres
General-Mountain range
General-Annual skier visits
General-Back country access
General-Total area in bounds
General-Snow making coverage
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


Pros: Distinct valley vs. high alpine, great atmosphere

Cons: When the snow's sparse you can't ski to the bottom

Thredbo is different from all the other ski areas in Australia, because of the town's location on a deep valley floor, and all the skiing being high above it.   However, with our mountains being less than 7,000 feet, it means that the snow coverage at the lower elevations can be a bit sparse.   No matter ... at such times, you can download from a half-way station - or hop from patch to patch all the way down!


With it's vertical of 672 meters (2,204 feet), Thredbo has more vertical than other Aussie ski resorts, and is known as a skiers mountain (meaning good skiers love it).   Even though it's not noted as having good beginner terrain, I learned how to ski at Thredbo, many moons ago, on Merritts.   If you get instruction for your first few times skiing, you'll be OK at Thredbo - there are still enough green and blue runs to keep you happy on your journey to the blacks.  


The village is fun - if you're not staying there, you'll wish you were when it comes time to leave for the evening.  


If you're not used to the Australian skiing scene, there's an unusualness about it:  most of the dwellings and accommodations at the mountains, or in nearby towns (such as Jindabyne) are "lodges".  Lodges have a limited membership - other members cannot join until a previous member gives up their membership.  However, if you know a member of a lodge, they can take or send you there as a guest.   Staying at these lodges means you get your own room, and maybe a private bathroom (maybe not, depends on the lodge), bring your own food, store it in designated places in the kitchen, etc.  and eat/relax in common areas.  It's kind of fun because you meet others - otherwise it's OK to just keep to yourself.   


It's been a few years since I've skied in Australia, but I believe that apartments can be rented these days, so staying there is no longer a matter of the choice between knowing a lodge member or forking out for a hotel.   If you want the luxury of hotel life, consider the Thredbo Alpine Hotel, which was built at the inception of the ski area, approximately 1957 - has undergone a few make-overs since then, and still retains it's elegance as the grand dame of the valley.   


Pros: Great beginner slopes and lots of intermediate to dark blue runs.

Cons: Snow can be icy and patchy if winter is mild. Village a bit hard to navigate and typically over priced as it is Australia!

I had a great time at Thredbo it was the first time I had skied in Australia. I arrived to a mild winter, man made snow and sunny days, sounds glorious and would have been if there had been more snow.  The runs were long and fun and there is something to suit all ski levels. I loved the easy access to the mountain. Biggest downer is the price. It cost me more to fly and drive there from the west coast of Australia where I live that it did to fly to Colorado to ski.  A friend of mine who came with us had an accident and broke a rib so I skied the beginner slope with him to cheer him up as that was all he could manage with the injury. I found that it was one of the better beginner areas I have seen and I have also skied in the US and Europe. Staff were friendly and very helpful and you don't have to TIP.


Pros: closest (7+ hours) from Sydney, and the highest ski hill in Australia,

Cons: 7+ hours drive from Melbourne or Sydney, not my idea of real ski in/out, typically pricey Australian lodging

A picture paints a thousand words so here's a promo video for the resorts in New South Wales 



Pros: Longest Runs in Aus, good for intermediate/advanced skiers

Cons: lacking in beginner terrain, lack of snow, low base, susceptible to rain

Thredbo is my favourite resort in Australia due to its large vertical drop, long runs, open off piste opportunities  at the top and great snow making down low (all comparatively for Australian Skiing). The main runs are also served by detachable lifts. The village is one of the best in the country (albeit expensive), with many accomodation, dining and apres/nightlife options. All of the negatives for this resort come from its location in Australia, bringing unreliable snow and at times rain.