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ThirtyTwo TM-Two Snowboard Boot - Men's

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ThirtyTwo TM-Two Snowboard Boot - Men's

The Tm-Two Men's Snowboard Boot from ThirtyTwo gives riders a stiff flex and incredible cushioning to ride hard and stomp massive tricks. System G2O2 dual cushioning in the heels has both air and gel bags air bags absorb the low-impact forces associated with freeriding, while the gel takes the heat from your landing after a big jump in the park. This sole won't bottom out or pack out over time, so you can carve, huck, jib, and stomp safer and longer in these boots. An inner ankle harness and ThirtyTwo's Level 4 Liner provide additional support, insulation, and comfort without pressure points. The new 3D tongue and articulating cuff makes lacing up easier, so you get an improved fit and heel hold. A welded exterior shell scores mad style points.

Recommended UseSnowboarding
Warranty1 Year
Material[Upper] synthetic; [Sole] dual-density rubber
Lacing SystemStandard
Removable LinerYes, thermo-moldable
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: White, Size: 7.58105000076-100-7.5883896578682
Color: Black/Black, Size: 10.08105000076-3-10883896257778
Color: Black/Black, Size: 11.08105000076-3-11883896257853
Color: Black/Black, Size: 11.58105000076-3-11.5883896257891
Color: Black/Black, Size: 12.08105000076-3-12883896257938
Color: Black/Black, Size: 13.08105000076-3-13883896257976
Color: Black/Black, Size: 7.08105000076-3-7883896258096
Color: Black/Black, Size: 8.08105000076-3-8883896258133
Color: Black/Black, Size: 8.58105000076-3-8.5883896258171
Color: Black/Black, Size: 9.08105000076-3-9883896258218
Color: Black/Black, Size: 9.58105000076-3-9.5883896258256
Color: Emerald, Size: 10.08105000076-323-10883896257792
Color: Emerald, Size: 10.58105000076-323-10.5883896257839
Color: Emerald, Size: 11.58105000076-323-11.5883896257914
Color: Emerald, Size: 12.08105000076-323-12883896257952
Color: Emerald, Size: 7.08105000076-323-7883896258119
Color: Emerald, Size: 7.58105000076-323-7.5883896578699
Color: Emerald, Size: 8.08105000076-323-8883896258157
Color: Emerald, Size: 8.58105000076-323-8.5883896258195
Color: White, Size: 10.08105000076-100-10883896257785
Color: White, Size: 10.58105000076-100-10.5883896257822
Color: White, Size: 11.08105000076-100-11883896257860
Color: White, Size: 13.08105000076-100-13883896257983
Color: White, Size: 7.08105000076-100-7883896258102
Color: White, Size: 8.58105000076-100-8.5883896258188
Color: White, Size: 9.08105000076-100-9883896258225
Color: White, Size: 9.58105000076-100-9.5883896258263
Color: Emerald, Size: 11.08105000076-323-11883896257877
Color: Black/Black, Size: 10.58105000076-3-10.5883896257815
Color: Emerald, Size: 13.08105000076-323-13883896257990
Color: Emerald, Size: 9.08105000076-323-9883896258232
Color: Black/Black, Size: 7.58105000076-3-7.5
Color: Emerald, Size: 9.58105000076-323-9.5883896258270
Color: White, Size: 11.58105000076-100-11.5883896257907
Color: White, Size: 12.08105000076-100-12883896257945
Color: White, Size: 8.08105000076-100-8883896258140
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Snowboarding Equipment › Men's Snowboarding Equipment › Men's Snowboard Boots › ThirtyTwo TM-Two Snowboard Boot - Men's