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ThirtyTwo STW Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's

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ThirtyTwo STW Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's

That cute boarder just asked you and your friend if you're taking the chairlift over to the park. Your friend is still wrestling with her archaic laces, but you're totally ready to go. ThirtyTwo gave its Women's STW Boa Snowboard Boot the Boa system so you won't miss out on hot opportunities.

Recommended UseShredding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Upper] synthetic; [Sole] rubber
Lacing SystemBoa
Flex4 Out of 10 on ThirtyTwo’s scale
Removable LinerYes, moldable
Boot TypeBoa
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: White/Gold, Size: 5.58205000072-125-5.5802525018641
Color: White/Gold, Size: 5.08205000072-125-5.0802525018610
Color: White/Gold, Size: 5.08205000072-125-5.0802525025335
Color: Black/Orange/Yellow, Size: 10.08205000072-841-10.0802525018597
Color: Black, Size: 9.58205000072-001-9.5802525304126
Color: Black, Size: 8.08205000072-001-8.0802525018788
Color: Black, Size: 7.08205000072-001-7.0802525018726
Color: Black, Size: 5.58205000072-001-5.5802525018634
Color: Black, Size: 5.08205000072-001-5.0802525018603
Color: White/Gold, Size: 6.08205000072-125-6.0802525018672
Color: White/Gold, Size: 6.08205000072-125-6.0802525025359
Color: Black, Size: 6.58205000072-001-6.5802525018696
Color: Black, Size: 6.08205000072-001-6.0802525018665
Color: Black/Orange/Yellow, Size: 9.58205000072-841-9.5
Color: White/Gold, Size: 9.58205000072-125-9.5802525304140
Color: Black, Size: 9.08205000072-001-9.0802525018849
Color: Black, Size: 8.58205000072-001-8.5802525018818
Color: Black, Size: 7.58205000072-001-7.5802525018757
Color: White/Gold, Size: 9.08205000072-125-9.0802525018856
Color: White/Gold, Size: 8.58205000072-125-8.5802525018825
Color: White/Gold, Size: 8.58205000072-125-8.5802525025403
Color: White/Gold, Size: 8.08205000072-125-8.0802525018795
Color: White/Gold, Size: 8.08205000072-125-8.0802525025397
Color: White/Gold, Size: 7.58205000072-125-7.5802525018764
Color: White/Gold, Size: 7.58205000072-125-7.5802525025380
Color: White/Gold, Size: 7.08205000072-125-7.0802525018733
Color: White/Gold, Size: 7.08205000072-125-7.0802525025373
Color: White/Gold, Size: 6.58205000072-125-6.5802525018702
Color: White/Gold, Size: 10.08205000072-125-10.0802525018580
Color: White/Gold, Size: 10.08205000072-125-10.0802525025328
Color: Black/Orange/Yellow, Size: 9.08205000072-841-9.0802525018863
Color: Black/Orange/Yellow, Size: 8.58205000072-841-8.5802525018832
Color: Black/Orange/Yellow, Size: 8.08205000072-841-8.0802525018801
Color: Black/Orange/Yellow, Size: 7.58205000072-841-7.5802525018771
Color: Black/Orange/Yellow, Size: 7.08205000072-841-7.0802525018740
Color: Black/Orange/Yellow, Size: 6.58205000072-841-6.5802525018719
Color: Black/Orange/Yellow, Size: 6.08205000072-841-6.0802525018689
Color: Black/Orange/Yellow, Size: 5.58205000072-841-5.5802525018658
Color: Black/Orange/Yellow, Size: 5.08205000072-841-5.0802525018627
Color: Black, Size: 10.08205000072-001-10.0802525018573
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Snowboarding Equipment › Women's Snowboarding Equipment › Women's Snowboard Boots › ThirtyTwo STW Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's