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ThirtyTwo STW Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's

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ThirtyTwo STW Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's

Experience the comfort and ease of BOA lacing when you step in the ThirtyTwo Men s STW Boa Snowboard Boot. This flexible boot makes it easy to find your ideal degree of tightness without having to remove your gloves and re-lace. A 3D-molded tongue keeps your ankle comfortably in place and makes lacing even easier. ThirtyTwo s Level 1 Fit liner features independent lacing to further maximize the comfort of the STW s fit. The liner s anatomical heel-retention system helps hold your foot in place so you don t lose traction on turns or big landings. The rubber outsole with EVA cushioning enhances your board feel and absorbs shocks and unwanted vibrations.

Recommended UseFreestyle, all-mountain snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Upper] PU-coated synthetic and textile; [Sole] sticky rubber with EVA
Lacing SystemTraditional with power straps
Removable LinerYes, thermo-moldable
Boot TypeBoa
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Black/Red, Size: 11.08105000085-595-11883896262154
Color: Gray/Black, Size: 11.58105000085-30-11.5883896262161
Color: Gray/Black, Size: 7.58105000085-30-7.5
Color: Black/Red, Size: 7.58105000085-595-7.5883896578668
Color: Blue/White, Size: 9.08105000085-442-9883896262543
Color: Black/Red, Size: 8.08105000085-595-8883896262475
Color: Blue/White, Size: 13.08105000085-442-13883896262260
Color: Black/Red, Size: 9.58105000085-595-9.5883896262598
Color: Black/Red, Size: 10.08105000085-595-10883896262079
Color: Black/Red, Size: 7.08105000085-595-7883896262437
Color: Black/Red, Size: 9.08105000085-595-9883896262550
Color: Blue/White, Size: 11.08105000085-442-11883896262147
Color: Blue/White, Size: 11.58105000085-442-11.5883896262185
Color: Blue/White, Size: 14.08105000085-442-14883896262307
Color: Blue/White, Size: 7.58105000085-442-7.5883896578651
Color: Blue/White, Size: 8.08105000085-442-8883896262468
Color: Blue/White, Size: 9.58105000085-442-9.5883896262581
Color: Gray/Black, Size: 10.08105000085-30-10883896262048
Color: Gray/Black, Size: 10.58105000085-30-10.5883896262086
Color: Gray/Black, Size: 12.08105000085-30-12883896262208
Color: Gray/Black, Size: 13.08105000085-30-13883896262246
Color: Gray/Black, Size: 14.08105000085-30-14883896262284
Color: Gray/Black, Size: 7.08105000085-30-7883896262406
Color: Gray/Black, Size: 8.58105000085-30-8.5883896262482
Color: Gray/Black, Size: 9.58105000085-30-9.5883896262567
Color: Blue/White, Size: 10.58105000085-442-10.5883896262109
Color: Black/Red, Size: 11.58105000085-595-11.5883896262192
Color: Blue/White, Size: 7.08105000085-442-7883896262420
Color: Gray/Black, Size: 11.08105000085-30-11883896262123
Color: Black/Red, Size: 10.58105000085-595-10.5883896262116
Color: Black/Red, Size: 8.58105000085-595-8.5883896262512
Color: Blue/White, Size: 10.08105000085-442-10883896262062
Color: Blue/White, Size: 12.08105000085-442-12883896262222
Color: Blue/White, Size: 8.58105000085-442-8.5883896262505
Color: Gray/Black, Size: 8.08105000085-30-8883896262444
Color: Black/Red, Size: 13.08105000085-595-13883896262277
Color: Black/Red, Size: 12.08105000085-595-12883896262239
Color: Black/Red, Size: 14.08105000085-595-14883896262314
Color: Gray/Black, Size: 9.08105000085-30-9883896262529
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Snowboarding Equipment › Men's Snowboarding Equipment › Men's Snowboard Boots › ThirtyTwo STW Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's