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ThirtyTwo Lashed Snowboard Boot - Men's

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ThirtyTwo Lashed Snowboard Boot - Men's

The ThirtyTwo Men's Lashed Snowboard Boot features a medium flex and has the dampening, stability, and support you need to surf the mountain, from powder to park. A new STI Evolution midsole-outsole reduces this boot's weight and absorbs shock better than EVA. ThirtyTwo's Level 3 Liner molds to your foot to provide exceptional comfort and warmth, while an AgIon antimicrobial coating eliminates foot-funk. Achilles pinch pads in the liner, along with an easy-to-cinch inner ankle harness, give you optimal heel hold. An articulating cuff makes this boot easier to lace up and moves with you as you flex so the boot doesn't distort and your heel doesn't lift. A welded TPU backstay improves durability and increases binding grip.

Recommended UseAll-mountain snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Upper] synthetic; [Outsole] STI Evolution foam
Lacing SystemStandard
FlexMedium (5 out of 10 on ThirtyTwo's scale)
Removable LinerYes, thermo-moldable
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Black/White, Size: 10.08105000078-976-10883896258478
Color: White/Mint, Size: 9.58105000078-945-9.5883896259246
Color: Brown/Tan, Size: 9.08105000078-213-9883896259154
Color: Brown/Tan, Size: 7.58105000078-213-7.5883896578507
Color: Brown/Tan, Size: 10.58105000078-213-10.5883896258492
Color: Brown/Tan, Size: 11.58105000078-213-11.5883896258614
Color: White/Mint, Size: 11.58105000078-945-11.5883896258645
Color: Brown/Tan, Size: 8.58105000078-213-8.5883896259093
Color: Black/White, Size: 11.08105000078-976-11883896258591
Color: Black/White, Size: 10.58105000078-976-10.5883896258539
Color: Brown/Tan, Size: 9.58105000078-213-9.5883896259215
Color: Brown/Tan, Size: 12.08105000078-213-12883896258676
Color: Black/White, Size: 9.58105000078-976-9.5883896259253
Color: White/Mint, Size: 10.08105000078-945-10883896258461
Color: Black/White, Size: 7.58105000078-976-7.5883896578545
Color: Black/White, Size: 13.08105000078-976-13883896258775
Color: Brown/Tan, Size: 7.08105000078-213-7883896258973
Color: White/Mint, Size: 8.58105000078-945-8.5883896259123
Color: Black/White, Size: 9.08105000078-976-9883896259192
Color: White/Mint, Size: 7.08105000078-945-7883896259000
Color: White/Mint, Size: 10.58105000078-945-10.5883896258522
Color: Black/White, Size: 8.58105000078-976-8.5883896259130
Color: White/Mint, Size: 7.58105000078-945-7.5883896578538
Color: Black/White, Size: 8.08105000078-976-8883896259079
Color: Black/White, Size: 11.58105000078-976-11.5883896258652
Color: White/Mint, Size: 12.08105000078-945-12883896258706
Color: Brown/Tan, Size: 10.08105000078-213-10883896258430
Color: White/Mint, Size: 13.08105000078-945-13883896258768
Color: Brown/Tan, Size: 8.08105000078-213-8883896259031
Color: Brown/Tan, Size: 11.08105000078-213-11883896258553
Color: Black/White, Size: 7.08105000078-976-7883896259017
Color: Black/White, Size: 14.08105000078-976-14883896258836
Color: White/Mint, Size: 8.08105000078-945-8883896259062
Color: White/Mint, Size: 11.08105000078-945-11883896258584
Color: Black/White, Size: 12.08105000078-976-12883896258713
Color: White/Mint, Size: 9.08105000078-945-9883896259185
Color: White/Mint, Size: 14.08105000078-945-14883896258829
Color: Brown/Tan, Size: 13.08105000078-213-13883896258737
Color: Brown/Tan, Size: 14.08105000078-213-14883896258799
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