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The Skboot bag - the first seriously stylish boot bag ON WHEELS! Reviews

Positive Reviews

One bag to rule them all


Pros: Fits all your ski gear and boots, and a great travel bag when not skiing

Cons: Depending on how much gear you have in it, may not fit in overhead lockers

The finest bag on the slopes, Skboot turns lugging bulky, backbreaking ski boots (and the rest of your gear) into an almost elegant task. Every detail has been thought through: boots, goggles, electronics, extra clothes, and even a computer fit into specialized compartments. Its built-to-last chassis combines with a solid telescopic handle and super sturdy wheels to make a lasting, winter-ready product. And for a nice touch it fits into a plane's overhead compartment."   Marty McLennan Technical EditorSki Canada Magazine   "I love my Skboot bag. Gone are the days of wearing my ski jacket, carrying my boots over my shoulder (ouch!) while trying to wheel my suitcase, carry my...
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Negative Reviews