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The North Face Freedom Insulated Pant - Girls'

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The North Face Freedom Insulated Pant - Girls'

Your girl would like a ski pant that's a balance between tight and crotch-at-the-knees baggy. Steer her in The North Face Girls' Freedom Insulated Pant direction. The free fit means a generous cut through the thighs, butt, knees, and cuffs.

Recommended UseSkiing, snowboarding
Material[Shell] HyVent 2L (100% nylon); [Lining] 100% nylon taffeta
Side ZipsNo
Pockets2 Front, 1 cargo
Seam TapedYes, fully
Waterproof Rating25psi
Breathable Rating625-675g / m2
WaistHalf elastic
Insulation60g Heatseeker
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: AFVH:001:XXS, Color: Black, Size: XXSAFVH:001:XXS689914596115
Style: AFVH:0L5:M, Color: Tungsten Grey, Size: MAFVH:0L5:M808390331946
Style: AFVH:0L5:L, Color: Tungsten Grey, Size: LAFVH:0L5:L808390331953
Style: AFVH:128:XS, Color: Moonlight Ivory, Size: XSAFVH:128:XS808390331977
Style: AFVH:001:XL, Color: Black, Size: XLAFVH:001:XL808390331908
Style: AFVH:23U:XS, Color: Bacio Brown, Size: XSAFVH:23U:XS808390332035
Style: AFVH:S58:XS, Color: Bacio Brown Plaid, Size: XSAFVH:S58:XS808390332202
Style: AFVH:S58:XL, Color: Bacio Brown Plaid, Size: XLAFVH:S58:XL808390332240
Style: AFVH:S58:M, Color: Bacio Brown Plaid, Size: MAFVH:S58:M808390332226
Style: AFVH:S58:L, Color: Bacio Brown Plaid, Size: LAFVH:S58:L808390332233
Style: AFVH:0L5:XS, Color: Tungsten Grey, Size: XSAFVH:0L5:XS808390331922
Style: AFVH:0L5:XL, Color: Tungsten Grey, Size: XLAFVH:0L5:XL808390331960
Style: AFVH:0L5:S, Color: Tungsten Grey, Size: SAFVH:0L5:S808390331939
Style: AFVH:128:XL, Color: Moonlight Ivory, Size: XLAFVH:128:XL808390332011
Style: AFVH:128:S, Color: Moonlight Ivory, Size: SAFVH:128:S808390331984
Style: AFVH:128:M, Color: Moonlight Ivory, Size: MAFVH:128:M808390331991
Style: AFVH:128:L, Color: Moonlight Ivory, Size: LAFVH:128:L808390332004
Style: AFVH:4F2:XS, Color: Blue Tide, Size: XSAFVH:4F2:XS808390332080
Style: AFVH:4F2:XL, Color: Blue Tide, Size: XLAFVH:4F2:XL808390332127
Style: AFVH:4F2:S, Color: Blue Tide, Size: SAFVH:4F2:S808390332097
Style: AFVH:4F2:M, Color: Blue Tide, Size: MAFVH:4F2:M808390332103
Style: AFVH:4F2:L, Color: Blue Tide, Size: LAFVH:4F2:L808390332110
Style: AFVH:001:XS, Color: Black, Size: XSAFVH:001:XS808390331861
Style: AFVH:001:S, Color: Black, Size: SAFVH:001:S808390331878
Style: AFVH:001:M, Color: Black, Size: MAFVH:001:M808390331885
Style: AFVH:001:L, Color: Black, Size: LAFVH:001:L808390331892
Style: AFVH:23U:S, Color: Bacio Brown, Size: SAFVH:23U:S808390332042
Style: AFVH:S58:S, Color: Bacio Brown Plaid, Size: SAFVH:S58:S808390332219
Style: AFVH:23U:M, Color: Bacio Brown, Size: MAFVH:23U:M808390332059
Style: AFVH:23U:L, Color: Bacio Brown, Size: LAFVH:23U:L808390332066
Style: AFVH:M17:XS, Color: Aurora Pink, Size: XSAFVH:M17:XS808390332141
Style: AFVH:M17:XL, Color: Aurora Pink, Size: XLAFVH:M17:XL808390332189
Style: AFVH:M17:S, Color: Aurora Pink, Size: SAFVH:M17:S808390332158
Style: AFVH:M17:M, Color: Aurora Pink, Size: MAFVH:M17:M808390332165
Style: AFVH:M17:L, Color: Aurora Pink, Size: LAFVH:M17:L808390332172
Style: AFVH:23U:XL, Color: Bacio Brown, Size: XLAFVH:23U:XL808390332073
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Ski Clothing › Junior's Ski Clothing › Junior's Ski Pants › The North Face Freedom Insulated Pant - Girls'