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The North Face Freedom Insulated Pant - Boys'

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The North Face Freedom Insulated Pant - Boys'

Liberate your boy from being cold and wet when he skis or rides-give him The North Face Freedom Insulated Pants to wear on the mountain. Waterproof breathable HyVent fabric and taped seams ensure your young ripper stays dry while Heatseeker insulation makes that bare metal chairlift seat a bit more bearable. Articulated knees let him move unfettered, and grow cuffs mean these snow pants will last more half of a season.

Recommended UseSkiing, snowboarding
Manufacturer WarrantyLifetime
Material[Shell] HyVent 2L nylon; [Lining] nylon taffeta
Side ZipsNo
Pockets2 Front, 1 cargo
Seam TapedYes, fully
Waterproof Rating25psi
Breathable Rating625 MVTR
WaistBelt loops, half elastic
Insulation60g Heatseeker
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: AFVF:G20:XXS, Color: Swamp Green, Size: XXSAFVF:G20:XXS689914595989
Style: AFVF:G20:XS, Color: Swamp Green, Size: XSAFVF:G20:XS808390330987
Style: AFVF:L02:XL, Color: Mountain Blue, Size: XLAFVF:L02:XL808390331151
Style: AFVF:L02:S, Color: Mountain Blue, Size: SAFVF:L02:S808390331113
Style: AFVF:L02:M, Color: Mountain Blue, Size: MAFVF:L02:M808390331137
Style: AFVF:001:M, Color: Black, Size: MAFVF:001:M808390330765
Style: AFVF:001:L, Color: Black, Size: LAFVF:001:L808390330772
Style: AFVF:G20:XL, Color: Swamp Green, Size: XLAFVF:G20:XL808390331038
Style: AFVF:G20:S, Color: Swamp Green, Size: SAFVF:G20:S808390330994
Style: AFVF:G20:M, Color: Swamp Green, Size: MAFVF:G20:M808390331007
Style: AFVF:G20:L, Color: Swamp Green, Size: LAFVF:G20:L808390331014
Style: AFVF:L02:XXS, Color: Mountain Blue, Size: XXSAFVF:L02:XXS689914595996
Style: AFVF:L02:XS, Color: Mountain Blue, Size: XSAFVF:L02:XS808390331090
Style: AFVF:001:XS, Color: Black, Size: XSAFVF:001:XS808390330482
Style: AFVF:001:XL, Color: Black, Size: XLAFVF:001:XL808390330789
Style: AFVF:001:S, Color: Black, Size: SAFVF:001:S808390330758
Style: AFVF:9V4:XXS, Color: Black Plaid, Size: XXSAFVF:9V4:XXS689914596023
Style: AFVF:9V4:XS, Color: Black Plaid, Size: XSAFVF:9V4:XS808390330925
Style: AFVF:9V4:XL, Color: Black Plaid, Size: XLAFVF:9V4:XL808390330963
Style: AFVF:9V4:S, Color: Black Plaid, Size: SAFVF:9V4:S808390330932
Style: AFVF:9V4:M, Color: Black Plaid, Size: MAFVF:9V4:M808390330949
Style: AFVF:9V4:L, Color: Black Plaid, Size: LAFVF:9V4:L808390330956
Style: AFVF:0C5:XXS, Color: Asphalt Grey, Size: XXSAFVF:0C5:XXS689914596009
Style: AFVF:0C5:XS, Color: Asphalt Grey, Size: XSAFVF:0C5:XS808390330864
Style: AFVF:0C5:XL, Color: Asphalt Grey, Size: XLAFVF:0C5:XL808390330901
Style: AFVF:0C5:S, Color: Asphalt Grey, Size: SAFVF:0C5:S808390330871
Style: AFVF:0C5:M, Color: Asphalt Grey, Size: MAFVF:0C5:M808390330888
Style: AFVF:0C5:L, Color: Asphalt Grey, Size: LAFVF:0C5:L808390330895
Style: AFVF:L02:L, Color: Mountain Blue, Size: LAFVF:L02:L808390331144
Style: AFVF:001:XXS, Color: Black, Size: XXSAFVF:001:XXS689914596016
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Ski Clothing › Junior's Ski Clothing › Junior's Ski Pants › The North Face Freedom Insulated Pant - Boys'