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The North Face Cheroot Pant - Women's

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The North Face Cheroot Pant - Women's

Whether you ski the backcountry or the front-country, The North Face Women's Cheroot Pants protect you from the elements. These stretchy pants feature waterproof breathable material and fully taped seams to stop moisture from seeping in and to let your sweat escape so you don't get clammy. When you need a little fresh air in there with your baselayers, The North Face's Chimney Vent system pushes hot air out and pulls in refreshing coolness. A RECCO reflector on these insulated pants helps ski patrol find you in case of an emergency.

Recommended UseSkiing
Manufacturer WarrantyLifetime
Material[Shell] HyVent 2L stretch twill; [Lining] satin stretch taffeta
Side ZipsNo
Pockets2 Front
Seam TapedYes, fully
VentingChimney Venting system
Waterproof Rating25psi
Breathable Rating625g / m2
WaistBelt loops, adjustable tabs
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: AGZH:647:XL:REG, Color: Port Purple, Size: XL/RegAGZH:647:XL:REG808390288653
Style: AGZH:647:S:REG, Color: Port Purple, Size: S/RegAGZH:647:S:REG808390288615
Style: AGZH:647:M:REG, Color: Port Purple, Size: M/RegAGZH:647:M:REG808390288639
Style: AGZH:647:L:REG, Color: Port Purple, Size: L/RegAGZH:647:L:REG808390288646
Style: AGZH:1B6:XS:REG, Color: Geisha Red, Size: XS/RegAGZH:1B6:XS:REG808390288424
Style: AGZH:1B6:XL:REG, Color: Geisha Red, Size: XL/RegAGZH:1B6:XL:REG808390288585
Style: AGZH:1B6:S:REG, Color: Geisha Red, Size: S/RegAGZH:1B6:S:REG808390288431
Style: AGZH:1B6:M:REG, Color: Geisha Red, Size: M/RegAGZH:1B6:M:REG808390288448
Style: AGZH:1B6:L:REG, Color: Geisha Red, Size: L/RegAGZH:1B6:L:REG808390288578
Style: AGZH:001:XS:REG, Color: Black, Size: XS/RegAGZH:001:XS:REG808390288127
Style: AGZH:001:XL:REG, Color: Black, Size: XL/RegAGZH:001:XL:REG808390288165
Style: AGZH:001:S:REG, Color: Black, Size: S/RegAGZH:001:S:REG808390288134
Style: AGZH:001:M:REG, Color: Black, Size: M/RegAGZH:001:M:REG808390288141
Style: AGZH:M18:XS:REG, Color: Bali Blue, Size: XS/RegAGZH:M18:XS:REG808390288677
Style: AGZH:M18:XL:REG, Color: Bali Blue, Size: XL/RegAGZH:M18:XL:REG808390288714
Style: AGZH:M18:S:REG, Color: Bali Blue, Size: S/RegAGZH:M18:S:REG808390288684
Style: AGZH:M18:M:REG, Color: Bali Blue, Size: M/RegAGZH:M18:M:REG808390288691
Style: AGZH:M18:L:REG, Color: Bali Blue, Size: L/RegAGZH:M18:L:REG808390288707
Style: AGZH:647:XS:REG, Color: Port Purple, Size: XS/RegAGZH:647:XS:REG808390288608
Style: AGZH:001:L:REG, Color: Black, Size: L/RegAGZH:001:L:REG808390288158
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