The Little Rippers


Pros: About kids skiing, adventure, relatively short, realistic characters

Cons: more pictures to help create imagery

9yr old female review who has a 10, 7 & 3yr old brothers.


Liked the part when they were lost, yet discovered the hidden bowl and where the ski Olympian gave Max the secret Gold Winchell's Wax.  It had a good ending when Max won the race & received a new pair of yet to be released skis, but gave them up to someone in more need than himself.


I believe she could identify with the characters and the uncomfortableness when joining a new group of skiers from diverse backgrounds.  The story showed in the end it wasn't about where you came from, what equipment you used, how much money or time you spend skiing.  Leave it to the kids to boil the sport down to it's essence....just sliding down a hill & having fun with friends.


Will add 10 & 7 yr old reviews if I can ever corner them & extract their thoughts.

The following is the unedited review from my 8 year old son who will be going into 4th grade at the end of the summer.

Max and Molly are 3rd and 4th graders who go skiing every year. This is a story about one of the years that Max and Molly went skiing. I recommend this book to 2nd through 5th graders. I recommend it because they can understand what Max is going through. My favorite part is when Winchell Windspeed give Max some Winchell wax. What is Winchell wax you say?? You have to read the book and find out.
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The Little Rippers

By Rebecca Munsterer Here come the Little Rippers! Brother and sister, Max and Molly Beckett, are looking forward to their annual ski weekend with their grandfather at Powderhound Mountain. But when they arrive, grandpa tells the kids that he signed them up for the Little Rippers ski group. Max and Molly are worried about keeping up with the other Little Rippers. Wyatt is a waterskier from Florida, Jenna is a well traveled skier from Colorado, and Chase is a know it all local. the group leader, Heidi, does her best to keep the kids together, but after taking a wrong turn on the slope, the Little Rippers find themselves on a mysterious adventure. Will the Littler Rippers return safely to Powderhound Mountain? And will they be able to enter the Sunday Funday ski race? Join the fun as the Little Rippers find out the meaning of friendship both on and off the slopes.

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