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The Legendary Jackrabbit Johannsen

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The Legendary Jackrabbit Johannsen

This is the story of the remarkable Norwegian-Canadian who pioneered cross-country skiing in North America. A warm and personal portrait written by his daughter, it also places Johannsen's life in the context of the milieux in which he lived, and adds an element of objectivity and clarity to the Jackrabbit legend. Jackrabbit's life spanned more than eleven decades. Born in Norway in 1875, he spent his early years there before going to university in Berlin. As a young engineer he emigrated to the United States. After living and working in New York, in 1928 he moved to Canada with his wife and children and made his home in Montreal. Despite the financial problems which he encountered throughout his life, his good humour and determination never failed nor did his devotion to the outdoors and the development of skiing. Jackrabbit became a symbol for wilderness adventure and the excitement of cross-country skiing and, through his energy and enthusiasm, managed to impart his ideals to countless others. Alice Johannsen vividly describes the way her father lived and thought, and explains the personal philosophy that shaped his activities and achievements. This enjoyable biography will appeal to a wide range of general readers and offers a rich source for studies in sport, sociology, Canadian history, and Scandinavian studies. The late Alice E. Johannsen was Director of the McGill University Museums, Director of the Gault Estate and of the Mont St-Hilaire Nature Conservation Centre, and founder and Curator of the Jackrabbit Museum in Piedmont, Quebec.

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TitleThe Legendary Jackrabbit Johannsen
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