The Edge of Never: A True Story of Skiing Reviews


Captures the Feeling behind the Skiers.


Pros: Well worth the sit time.

Cons: None

I did up a review on my web site:  Bill Kerig is the author of the book, "The Edge of Never" and movie, same name. Bill plays in the big leagues. He's a big mountain skier with a passion for skiing that he wanted to make a movie about. A movie that would get to the heart and soul of skiing as he feels it, not another jump and wow ski flick, but a movie that would convey the feeling and passion of skiers. A past US Team mogul skier, friend of Trevor Pertersen (died on a run at Chamonix, France), and friend to Glen Plake and many other big mountain skiers he had a story to tell. It's a story he wanted to convey to the viewer a passion for skiing, not just for big mountain skiers, but how...
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The Edge of Never


Pros: exciting, puts this sort of skiing in perspective, honest portrayal of the skiers and their abilities

I read the book with a bit of scepticism but it didn't take long to love reading the book and find it hard to put down. It was a while ago and I haven't the best memory for details, but the honesty and in your face realism of the whole trip starting in BC and ending in Chamonix was great.   The story follows the big mountain skiing education and first descents in Chamonix of Kye Petersen, the son of the late Trevor Petersen, an extreme skiing pioneer. On his way, Kye meets and is tutored by the likes of Glenn Plake, Stephane Dane and Anselme Baud. The objective is for Kye to ski in the tracks of his dad, including, hopefully the fateful run where his dad died. The Exit Couloir. I haven't...
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A boy who becomes a man!

Great story, too many big hitters to list.  The grandfather of extreme skiing, Anselme Baud is even in this one.  Plake is great as always.  Unexpected appearance by D. Coombs as well.

Great ski film


Pros: Great cinemtography, and suspense even

Cons: Beginning is a wee bit slow

I cant really add much more to what others have said, but I did enjoy the movie a lot.  There is substance to the film.  When the group was climbing over the wall to get to the couloire, I was at the edge of my seat. Watching Coombs and knowing that he was already dead, was a bit of a oh wow moment. Recommended.


I saw this on 2/20/10 with a house full of Bears during a ski weekend at Blue Knob, PA. As someone who does a lot of skiing with my son I found it very moving, especially the part where the old guide and the young boy share feelings of loss each have for a loved one. The DVD belonged to JohnL and included a personalized autograph from film maker Bill Kerig with the note, "I hear Blue Knob rocks, keep rippin'." The film and inscription made a big hit with the audience!
viking kaj

Not really edgy

First, this is available on showtime on demand this month. Second, I didn't read the book. Third, if you are expecting big ski shots ala Wizard of Miller's this is not your movie.  No helicopters were used in filming, even during the key sequence descending the coulior on the Rond.  As a result you sort of see the beginning of the run, the end of the run, and not a lot in between.  There are some big ski shots, but they are sort of cut in from other sources. I think this documentary could have benefited from a little more scripting or better editing.  As it is, it kind of some across as let's take a camera along and get shots of all of our friends who show up even if they don't have a lot...
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