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Temple Basin Reviews


Lift accessed backcountry


Pros: Epic terrain, uncrowded slopes, cheap prices, friendly people

Cons: Weather can be a gamble,

Many people describe the experience of Temple Basin as lift accessed backcountry, and that really does sum it up. It is a 2 hour drive from Christchurch and a 40-60 minute hike to the lodges and lifts once you drop your gear at the goods lift. The hike puts a lot of people off and Temple is all the better for it. In general I find that the more inaccessible a ski area is the better the vibe and more people are willing to help each other. It doesn't fell like another homogenised, pasteurised resort, it is something a little bit wild and you are reminded of that constantly. I have a very love / hate relationship with Temple Basin. I have a lot of fantastic memories of mindblowing...
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Kiwiski Andrew

Well worth the hike


Pros: No crowds, friendly atmosphere, awesome terrain

Cons: A hike to get there if you don't like walking

Temple Basin is a great place to ski. It's best to stay in one of the lodges overnight as you have to hike into the ski area. There's also a little hiking involved to get to the best skiing but it is well worth it. It offers some open slopes as well as tight steep chutes. The rope tows can take a little bit to get use to and there is no grooming so really only suited to those that can ski already. The place generally get lots of snow due to its location near the main divide.   Maybe not the best for families too because of location, terrain and tows although kiwi families come up here.