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Tecnica Duo 90


Pros: Walk/Ski feature, decent price, micro-adjustment, good for beginners looking to upgrade

Cons: Walk/Ski feature, liner packs out, plastic buckles

The Duo 90 is not a bad boot, but it's not a great boot either. It's definitely not a top-of-the-line boot, as both the price and the quality of the product reflect. While its price range leave it as a good choice for beginners looking to upgrade to something for a season or two as they progress, at a certain point these boots will just hold you back. The liner on mine has packed out pretty badly, and one of the ski/walk levers broke off (I had to use pliers to shift it back permanently to the "ski" setting). That feature can be a pro for beginners who need a little more comfort in their boot, but it's definitely a con when it comes to stiffness and overall performance. I would consider replacing the liners with molded ones, but if you're at that point, it's probably a better idea to get stiffer, sturdier boots instead. With newer technology, these boots are probably sorely out of date as well, but if you find them for a good price new, they're a great find for the aspiring skier.

Tecnica Duo 90

With a liner that molds to your foot's shape and a built-in anti-vibration system, these boots deliver comfort and performance.. Ultrafit System allows the padding of the boot liner to adapt to each skier's anatomy for a custom boot fit for each foot. Liner is engineered for a woman's foot with a higher, narrower heel, prominent instep, greater adjustability in calf area and roomy toe box. Rubber inserts injected into the heel zone reduce vibrations increasing comfort and performance while reducing fatigue. Dual Injection allows the use of stiffer plastics for integrity and energy transmission and softer plastic for better fit and a easy, comfortable flex. Cuff alignment adjustment makes it possible to align the cuff to match the shape and curve of the lower leg, increasing comfort and performance. Duo series features bi-injected water protector to ensure perfect water-tightness. Tecnica's ski-walk mechanism provides two positions: one for skiing and the other for walking. Cuff automatically locks back in the "ski" position when flexed forward for convenience and safety. Split Spine Monoshell opens as foot enters boot for easy entry and locks when the cuff is closed, creating ankle stability and lateral edge quickness.

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