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Tecnica Dragon 100 UltraFit Boot - Men's Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great boot


Pros: fit, strenght, look

Cons: tricky to get the inside shoes out

Bought this shoe last summer. Another user mentioned that the boot did fit perfectly in the shop and didn't anymore on the slope. That's a common error: if you try on boots in a shop, they should feel super tight on the brink of causing you pain. This is because they will eventually loosen and adapt to your foot. If they already feel "comfy" and soft in the shop, chances are high they will slack on the slope.   Anyway, what can I say? The best indicator that a ski boot is great is if you don't really think about it anymore once you're in it. And this was exactly the case with the Dragon 100 UltraFit. Very comfortable and at the same time very stable and ready for...
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Great Fit


Pros: Fits like a glove and took a while to soften up.

Cons: The adjustments aren't so user friendly.

Boots are excellent for long days, very comfortable and the flex is enough to control but not too stiff that the boot is uncomfortable. 

Negative Reviews


Not Ready for Prime Time


Pros: Look "cool" and feel good when trying them on in the local shop

Cons: Painful when skiing and easy to lose control of skis

The Dragon 100s felt great when wearing them in the local ski shop and when wearing them in front of the TV waiting for ski season to start.  The first day (night) on the slope told another story.   These boots fit snug to my feet so I started with the upper buckles on the loose side.  During my first run my foot moved more inside the boots than my worn and half size too big Nordica 9.1 boots.  For my next run I tightened my buckles and to no avail.  By my fifth run my feet were killing me and my skis were going everywhere except where I wanted them to.   Lucky for me the ski shop exchanged them for Atomic Hawx 110s and all pain and ski stability issues were corrected!   Interestingly...
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Pros: flex is comfortable and consistent

Cons: liner goes away, too soft !!!

I am/was disappointed in this boot. I'm a fairly aggressive expert skier but getting older (61) I didn't want to fight a super stiff full tilt race boot, so I went with the Dragon. From day one the boot liner just faded away to nothing, I thought it was too warm, so I reserved judgment until colder weather. No change, I had my boots cranked to the max buckle after an hour, even changed the position of the move-able buckles, heal still lifted and ball area sloppy. I was disappointed that I received no response after contacting the factory with, I thought, a nice letter asking for any ideas to solve the problem. I finally spent the bucks for a custom conform'able liner and have a better fit...
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More Reviews


Tecnica Dragon 100 - Good - Not Great


Pros: Comfortable, Responsive, Good Looks

Cons: Not what Tecnica claims they are - Terrible customer support

Now that I've skied about a dozen days in them - I'm a bit disappointed. They are good boots, but not great. If I paid full price, I would return them, but they are OK considering I paid about half price.The problems: Advertised as dual cuff canting - NOT TRUE, you can only adjust one side. Advertised as adjustable Flex from soft, medium, stiff - NOT TRUE, only soft and medium adjustable. Adjustable power strap - DOES NOT ADJUST. Cuff is too narrow, cuff tongue shaped for a very small leg. Liners pack out very quickly, requires several "tightenings" on the buckles in one day. I called Tecnica USA, and spoke with their customer service about the "adjustments" that were advertised, but not...
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