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Technine MFM Pro Snowboard Binding

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Technine MFM Pro Snowboard Binding

Dial in your Technine MFM Pro Snowboard Binding exactly how you like it. Not only can you adjust the highback's forward lean, but you can also rotate it without interfering with your ankle strap adjustments. Tweakable toe and heel ramps absorb shock, dampen vibrations, and allow excellent edge response. The Technine MFM Pro's aircraft-grade aluminum heel cups work with padded Baltimore Toe Straps to minimize heel lift and adjust so as to eliminate toe and heel drag.

Recommended UseAggressive snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
HighbackNylon polymer
StrapAnkle] molded, pre-curved; [Toe] Baltimore
BaseplateNylon polymer & short-grain fiberglass
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Sand, Size: S/M20801-221-S/M883987038989
Color: Black, Size: S/M20801-000-S/M883987038965
Color: Gray, Size: L20801-021-L
Color: Gray, Size: M/L20801-021-M/L883987039016
Color: Black, Size: M20801-000-M883987038965
Color: Sand, Size: M/L20801-221-M/L883987038996
Color: Gray, Size: M20801-021-M
Color: Sand, Size: L20801-221-L
Color: Black, Size: M/L20801-000-M/L883987038972
Color: Gray, Size: S/M20801-021-S/M883987039009
Color: Sand, Size: M20801-221-M
Color: Black, Size: L20801-000-L883987038972