Taos Ski Valley Reviews


A Place Apart


Pros: Challenging terrain, great vibe, excellent ski school

Cons: Sometimes it doesn't snow as much as it needs to.

 I first visited TSV in 1970. I was going to school in Denver and flew down to Santa Fe, where I hitchhiked up to Taos to meet my family. I scored a great ride through the Rio Grande canyon from Velarde to Ranchos with a fairly young Hispanic guy in an old pickup who, as it turned out, was the deputy sheriff of Taos County. My first clue that I had entered a parallel world was when this guy offered to share his aromatherapy materials with me. But that's a whole other story...  I can pinpoint the location and time when I fell in love with New Mexico, It was later that day while driving through Arroyo Seco, taking those two slow windy turns on what was still a gravel road, seeing those old...
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Nick Z Taos

Taos Droughts,; Snowguns as art form


Pros: A worthy choice at 40 inches.

Cons: Not enough racing. A minor irritant for parkies, there is no pipe.

My overall rating of Taos leaves out one star. And that star represents snowfall. The one element the revered Mr. Blake did not anticipate was global warming. When he flew over the Sangre de Cristo's in the late 40's, the years were blessedly wet. Weather patterns have been unkind to skiers of the southern Rocky Mountains for the last two years. If one goes to SNOTEL at the NRCS website and tinkers with map records of winter precip over the past roughly 15 years, one will notice, however, that the Sangre de Cristos have not fared any worse than Colorado's big name resorts along the I-70 corridor. An example: during the horrible year of 2012-2013, Taos actually had more snowfall than...
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Best skiing in New Mexico!!!!


Pros: Great powder, excellent steep terrain, excellent park, lift access to 13,000 ft peak.

Cons: Not good for beginners.

Taos Ski Valley is by far the best skiing in New Mexico, and some of the best in the USA.  It is known for its legendary steeps.
Rich Larow

Awesome ski area


Pros: No snowboarders at all.

Cons: Nothing to see here..

This Mt is just straightforward fun, a true challenging area with some awesome woods. Cant be afraid of steeps here.. Anybody wondering if the skiing's great, make a visit. Small community, the town is all about skiing. Stop and get your breakfast Burrito on the way, NM style. Also huge parking lot party at end of season. They allow snowboarders 1 day, at the end of the season. Angel Fire, north of Taos is the runner up. 

Best in many ways.


Pros: Tree skiing, out of the mainstream. Own vibe.

Cons: Lack of snow at times. Little night life. Limited intermediate terrain.

Great terrain for experts! Laid back vibe with plenty of good food at the base and so compact! Everything is close. Everything; dining drinks lift tickets, lodging, etcetera. A place for the true expert. Martini trees! A unique ski area.
Michael Conklin

TAOS: a four letter word for not enough snow


Pros: best in NM, steeps

Cons: simply not enough snow, lift lines, attitude

256" is just not enough for this resort because it is so rocky.  Because of the lack of snow and crowds (and possibly also it's southern location) it gets crusty pretty fast.    I'm sure it's amazing on a big powder day but they just rarely get those.    One of the reviews on here says that the mountain needs 7 feet (84") before you ski it.  But the average MAXIMUM depth is only 96".  In the two years that I skied there 10/11 and 11/12 I wouldn't be surprised if it ever got over 84".