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Swiss Valley Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great place for Families and beginner skier/snowboards.


Pros: Perfect for kids(or adults) to learn basics about skiing and the staff is great. Well taken care of.

Cons: It is small, finding your family is easier then larger places.

I am bias to Swiss Valley, I grew up on the place (newborn) and have seen it grow and change over the years.   It is one of the best places for families, beginners, or a quick fix for skiing.  They offer a variety of package deals for skiers and have a wonderful program for children.   I have taken my own children there and we all have enjoyed ourselves.   They have a large cafeteria in the main building where you pickup your passes.  The original lodge is now a ski shop and restaurant but you can still sit around the huge round fire place and watch the skiers on the intermediate hills.  They do not have the hard terrain anymore and it...
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Negative Reviews


Swiss Valley


Pros: Beginner friendly. If you live in Indiana, it's close

Cons: small, even by midwestern standards

This is a small hill, even by midwestern standards.  If you've never skied before, it's as good a place to start as any.  If you already know how to ski you will want to go elsewhere, for instance Bittersweet near Kalamazoo. Bottom Line: Good for families who don't ski much or beginners just starting out. 

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Nice small resort


Pros: Great for kids

Cons: Not many runs

I only live 25 minutes from Swiss, so I like to take the kids there.  I have fun here also.  It does not have many runs, but the runs they do have are decent for SW Michigan.  The staff here is very friendly and helpful also, making it a great experience every time I go.  There is not any lodging on site, but they do have a nice resteraunt/bar and also a cafeteria where you can bring a picnic lunch.  I really enjoy their warming lodge which always has a fire in the large circular fireplace with views of the largest hill.  If you live in SW Michigan, northern, Indiana, this is a place you have to visit.

Little Swiss


Pros: Close to home and friendly staff

Cons: very limited terrain

If you live in Northern Indiana and only want to drive 1-2 hours it is a great place to get a few runs in.  The staff and management are extremely nice and try hard.  My ratings are based on southern MI.  The terrain park is surprisingly good. Advanced skiers will want to go further north (or West)