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Superfeet REDhot Trim to Fit Insoles for Men, (E) Mens 9.5 - 11

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #6 in Ski Boot Liners


Pros: excellent support, comfortable

Cons: none I could find

Usually the 'little stuff' doesn't get the mention it often deserves in making a ski day better, but in this case these insoles have made a HUGE improvement for me.
Before I get into the brief comments on the Superfeet Red Hot Insoles, I'll give a little history and some lead-up to the use of them.
I found the Fischer Soma X100 ski boot last to be a great 'Fit' for performance and for fit (thanks to a great demo experience at Footloose Sports in Mammoth).
I have a low volume foot, less than medium width. with high arch / instep, a bunch of bone spurs which require some boot mods, and slightly longer mid toes than big toe. And now, probably because of aging I over-pronate enough to where my ankle areas can feel unsupported and take the brunt of hard edging on a full day of skiing.superfeetred-SM.jpg

Coming back to skiing after a 10 year layoff has been an awakening of obvious changes. The skiing part has come back quickly; but most critical has been the need for New Boots.
I did get my Fischers and made some initial mods to accomodate my bone spurs. Took them out for their first day a few months back and found them to NOT be quite like the ones I had demo'd. Fully aware that I was skiing them with the stock footbeds, I quickly purchased the Superfeet 'Green' footbed, since that was what popped up in my search online for the appropriate next step in a replacement footbed.
Skied them again, and although better, my feet (both sides) were still overpronating enough within the boot to cause considerable pressure on the inside of the foot and ankle, and for sore points to develop after a long, full day.
Then I remembered that the boots from Footloose had a RED colored insole...
Looked at the Superfeet lineup again and realized that the boots I had Demo'd had the SuperFeet Red Hot insoles in them.
Bought a pair of those and a week ago got my first chance to ski the day in the Fischers with the Red Hots inserted!.


This was it!, The Real Deal!

The boots now felt and skied just like the demo's I had tried. A full day of hard skiing with comfort, performance and no real hot spots! I was Stoked!

Looking at the SuperFeet Red Hots and comparing them to the Green Insoles (and many other replacment insoles on the market); the most obvious difference (besides the foil in the forefoot area) is the supportive 'ridge/plateau which runs around the bottom perimeter of the entire heel area. This support definitely seems to help stack my ankle area properly and not allow it to over-pronate when edging ( as compared to the Green Foot beds). Which in turn, means no over-pressuring of the inside ankle area.
This may not make a big difference for some, but for me they are a HUGE improvement in support / alignment.
As an additional note. These foot beds do seem a bit thicker at the heel, than the others and very slightly increase the interior ramp angle. But even with consideration for my very high instep, I had no problems with fit for heel pocket or any increased pressure on the instep area. Performance-wise the increase in ramp angle seemed very comfortable in fore-aft balance and may have actually improved that for me.
These Superfeet Rd Hot Insoles have made an already great skiing boot into the best fit/performance I've ever had in all my years of skiing.
  A relatively in-expensive product with a HUGE effect for improvement; SuperFeet Red Hot Insoles get a Gold Medal, Thumbs Up, from me!
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Superfeet REDhot Trim to Fit Insoles for Men, (E) Mens 9.5 - 11

Specifically designed for your active winter footwear, the Superfeet Mens Premium Insole gives you the support, shock absorption, and power transmission you need to shred your hardest. This insole features full-length REBOUND foam for cushion and forefoot flex, and the stabilizer cap supports and aligns the rearfoot. On the top, Superfeet added an Outlast Adaptive Comfort layer to regulate heat and an AgIon treatment to reduce funky odors. A light Thermo-Foil layer on the underside helps to reflect heat back at your foot and insulate from the cold ground.Product FeaturesMaterial: Foam, plasticRecommended Use: Winter sports

Weight0.87 pounds
Length13.75 inches
Size9.5-11 D(M) US
Height1.6 inches
BindingHealth and Beauty
Clothing Size9.5-11 D(M) US
FeatureRecommended footwear: Snowboard, ski, and winter sport footwear.
Width4.3 inches
List Price$49.95
ModelRed Hot E
Product GroupHealth and Beauty
TitleSuperfeet REDhot Trim to Fit Insoles for Men, (E) Mens 9.5 - 11
Flex Rating
Last (mm)
Manufacturer Warranty
Model Year
Number of Buckles
Recommended Use
Replaceable soles
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Ski Boots › Ski Boot Liners › Superfeet REDhot Trim to Fit Insoles for Men, (E) Mens 9.5 - 11